Bitcoin Decoder App Reviews Is Legit

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Bitcoin Decoder App Reviews: Is Legit?

Bitcoin Decoder App Review: this looks like a forex trade indicator that is focused on Bitcoin traders. Is legit or a scam vendor.

Most Forex indicators are created for the purpose of giving traders trading signals that are accurate as well as consistent. With a legit indicator system, traders can afford to spend less time monitoring the market.

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Traders are provided with what can be termed expert advice from these robots, this is why they are called Expert Advisors (EAs). EAs are sold by indicator vendors.

This vendor does not really state much of its purpose or what it is about. From the name however, we are guessing it is claiming to be an online robot that can help Bitcoin traders.

Bitcoin Decoder App Logo

On the page,, visitors are told to change their life “today for good”. From experience, we know that this is a trick used to deceive unsuspecting traders with make-believe about a better life from online trading.

Bitcoin Decoder App does not state who runs it, nor is there any indication of where it is located. The Risk Disclaimer or Warning however, mentions USA and residents of this country may be the target audiences.

How Bitcoin Decoder App Works

As of this time, we are unable to glean any information on how the creator of this App plans to help clients better their lives.

On the website, Bitcoin Decoder App only provides an image and asks clients to “see” their “software for” themselves. There is nothing to see but purported figures and prices with BTC/USD on top of the pile.

Members are assured of making profits immediately they join the service. Symbols of MasterCard, Visa, Bitcoin, CNN, Forbes, Fox News and lots of notable institutions are published on the page. There is no mention as to why.

The page provides a link for members to join tagged “Get Me In Now”. It is claimed that there are only 17 Free Accounts left after which joining the service will be impossible.

This is a characteristic of scammers who want clients to invest blindly at the risk of losing their money.

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Disturbing Things Found About Bitcoin Decoder App

A search on the internet revealed that many notable investment websites have blacklisted Bitcoin Decoder App. They are openly called a scam organization.

Many legit and trusted indicator providers give explanations on how their products work but this is not the case of this vendor.

It is also stated on the page that it is not a regulated product in the US and investors are to beware of this kind of vendors. They can take clients funds and vanish with it.

There is no mention of how the Bitcoin Decoder App pricing structure looks like. Clients are just directed to fill out an online form first. Scammers are in the habit of doing this, it is their way of obtaining traders contacts and then offering them sweet packages with the aim of duping them.

Clients Feedback

There are lots of claims published on the page about their “members”. Each of them are positive which is quite strange as even legit vendors get negative reviews from unsatisfied clients.

The only mention of a result is an image which is likely a fake as well.


Clients are only able to communicate with a representative of Bitcoin Decoder App via the online form provided.


There are many online scammers parading as indicator vendors and signal providers. Traders have learned over time to be cautious and seek enough information about a vendor before patronizing any.

Bitcoin Decoder App fails to give even the most basic of information about its product. It shows that these are nothing but scammers.

Bitcoin Reviews

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Write a review

Reviews 722

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Coronavirus pandemic happening and yet these people have inundated me with phone calls over the last week after I made the mistake of filling in their online form.

Had two calls after 10pm on Monday. One quite sinister and creepy.

Bitcoin Pro Review, Is Bitcoin Pro SCAM Or Legit Trading App?

Bitcoin Pro Review. No need to panic! If you don’t join the Bitcoin Pro scam trading platform a truly genuine money-making opportunity will come along. However, we can pretty much guarantee that if you do decide to signup and invest using this blacklisted software and fake trading app, you will end up losing your initial investment! But our members really want to know, what Bitcoin Pro? Well, its advertised as a kind of exclusive club reserved for new Bitcoin millionaires which have special access to a secret automated trading app (crypto robot). They would also have you believe that the same losing app has a “99.4% level of accuracy”, in other words it is inferred that it is risk-free (but don’t believe that for a second). In reality the Bitcoin Pro scam software and automated trading system (not to be confused with the older Bitcoin Pro App) is another cloned website which promises to make you rich overnight. So if you have seen some type of false advertisement on Facebook or fake news websites which try to sell you the concept that you can become the next Bitcoin Millionaire, we urge you to take a second and reflect on how much much money you stand to lose if you decide to risk your money and invest. Our Bitcoin Pro review is based on facts and feedback we receive in the form of complaints. Today we already know that this particularly deceptive and misleading trading robot was created by an unethical affiliate network specifically for the purpose of baiting potential day traders by making fake and unsubstantiated claims about how anyone who joins this program can become wealthy overnight.

Bitcoin Pro Brokers: When we signed up to conduct our €250 performance test, the broker which was assigned to us was RI Markets, which has a registered business address in the Marshall Islands and owned by Fcorp Services Ltd. We checked RI Markets, and they are unlicensed operators who have managed to acquire a dubious reputation for defrauding unsuspecting victims. Still believe this cloned software is a legit trading system? Well, in that case its mandatory you read our updated Bitcoin Pro review and scam investigation since we exposed the fraudsters behind it and their methods of operation.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area: securebtcoffer(dot)com/EN/BPRO

Scam Evidence:
Here we have the registration page for the Bitcoin Pro scam app. Take a close look at Jake Tapper the CNN Anchor Man and the sales pitch about becoming the next Bitcoin Millionaire.

And as you can see below, we have the same news anchor person saying the exact same thing, only this time it is for other cloned scams like Bitcoin Rush and Bitcoin Trader.

Bitcoin Pro Cloned SCAM

Here we can see the Bitcoin Pro post-login popup, and obviously any child can see that we are dealing with the same tech setup also known as a white label or turnkey solution for affiliate marketers who want to plugin to a scam app and start promoting it in return for money.

Bitcoin Pro Post Registration Page

Fake Bitcoin Pro Reviews
We were able to identify a couple of fake Bitcoin Pro reviews, and they look like the image below. It’s worth pointing out that if all of these sites look the same to you then its with good reason. They all belong to a network of websites which promote fake apps in return for monetary compensation. The staff and management here at Scam Crypto Robots does not approve of or condone this type of misleading and highly irresponsible type of behavior.

Fake Bitcoin Pro Reviews

Bitcoin Pro Fake News:
Below we have a collection of fake news articles we have gathered and they all make use of celebrities or high profile personalities and socialites for promotional purposes. The ones which are typically used these days are Gordon Ramsay, Sir Richard Branson, Dragons’ Den, Shark Tank, Martin Lewis, Peter Lim, Daniel Radcliffe, and Jamie Oliver.

Bitcoin Pro Fake News

What Is Bitcoin Pro And How Does It Work?
Bitcoin Pro is marketed as an automated trading app which performs at a whopping 99.4% level of accuracy. They claim it beats all the rest because it is faster and beats the markets by “by 0.01 seconds”.

Bitcoin Pro Review, Forget About Potential Perks!
The Bitcoin Pro scam software is an atrocious piece of trash technology which was designed to intentionally mislead people who want to generate some kind of passive income by trading Bitcoin online. Potential victims reading what this fraudulent system has to offer may be easily swayed and convinced to open their wallets and invest. However, after risking (and losing) all their money these victims quickly realize that behind all the smoke and mirrors there is a much more sinister plot which is waiting to unravel. Customers expecting to join an exclusive group of members reserved for new Bitcoin Millionaires are quickly greeted by greedy sales reps posing as “senior account managers”. These sales agents usually operate out of boiler room type of operations and their salary structure is almost exclusively built around commissions from new depositing traders. That is why you will find them to be extremely rude, pushy, and relentless in their pursuit of picking your pocket!

Bitcoin Pro Fake News Certifications and Testimonials
We checked! Bitcoin Pro was not featured on CNN, Time, or Forbes. In fact, it was not featured on any genuine news outlet at all (big surprise). Do you think the Bitcoin Pro testimonials are real? We hate to rain on your parade but they are all fake as well. There isn’t a single genuine testimonial on the Bitcoin Pro website! Why do you think that is?

How Much Does It Cost?
It’s going to cost you at least $/£/€250 to get started, and filthy brokers like RI Markets will be the ones who are dipping their little fingers into your wallet and charging (or overcharging) your credit card.

Other Viral Scams Trending
Bitcoin Storm and Bitcoin Profit are currently at the top of our complaints list.

What Are CFDs And Are They Legit?
CFD’s or contracts for difference are essentially derivatives which let you speculate on market prices. They include cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, and of course Forex currency pairs. As opposed to actual stocks for example you don’t actually own the asset, you merely purchase a contract which is actually a digital record of your trade (buy or sell). CFD’s are easier to trade and the profit potential is very high if you know what you are doing. If you don’t have a minimal understanding of virtual currencies, financial markets, technical analysis, trading strategies, or contract rates, then you had best partner with someone who can trade for you or get access to a software in the form of signals or auto-trader.

Genuine Systems We Tested
New systems are rolled out almost on a daily basis, and we monitor the internet for promising new-comers. While its true that most systems turn out to be a flop, once in a blue moon a profitable trading app surfaces and that’s when we test it. If it checks out we add it to our short list of recommended systems. So go ahead check it out!

Bitcoin Pro Review, Summary, Conclusions, and Helpful Tips
Indignation is the word which comes to mind when examining fake apps such as the Bitcoin Pro scam app. As much as we tried, we were not able to find one micro gram of honesty in this vast sea of deception and fraud. Everything about this system right from start is either a complete lie, hyped up or unsubstantiated claim, or half-truth. We invested €250 and of course we lost everything after 20 minutes only to be subject to a barrage of annoying phone calls from pushy sales reps with a funny accent. It is for that reason we recommend you avoid the cloned Bitcoin Pro trading platform and seek alternative investing opportunities. If you believe our assessment is mistaken or incomplete, please make sure to reach out and message us through our contact page or social media.

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