Broker Review Crypto Dukes

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Broker Review: Crypto Dukes

In most cases, we have scant details on financial trading and most people get into the business without enough knowledge despite having clear expectations they want from the investment. Crypto Dukes is a financial trading platform (broker) that aims to connect traders with other experienced elites in the commercial market. For a long time, people have not delved into the trading of finances because of lack of knowledge, and the this development group believes they can resolve that issue.

Founded and operated by Jaden Monahan, the business is located at Bellevue Hill, Australia. There is no support email or contact form, so it’s unknown at this time how to get in touch with the group if assistance is required. Jaden came to the realization that there was a phobia among people engaging in binary options and crytpo trading. So he decided to create something that provides easy access to financial trading knowledge. As the crypto currency and bitcoin trading industry grew, Jaden realized the need for a platform to share trading tips and information among clients and has accumulated more than five hundred traders.

Crypto Dukes Review

At Crypto Dukes, traders have the opportunity to interact with and learn trading tips and other crucial information from experts and experienced traders. The financial market is prone to making losses and profits indefinitely, and as an investor, there is a need to make trades that offer more gains than losses. Personally, this is where I prefer leaning on a binary options software to help me achieve my trading goals .

This platform exposes traders to a list of tools built to ensure traders master the art of trading in the financial markets. Traders can exchange knowledge on best online trading practices and sharpen their skills within a short duration of presence in the commercial mark. Due to the dynamic state of the market, traders will also stay up to date with the current trends in the trading industry, and as such you will gain more often that you will lose in the bitcoin industry.

There is very little information on the specific tools being provided.

Joining and gaining exposure to the knowledge provided by this group is seemingly effortless as you only need to open a free account that will enable you to access all the ideas and information that you may need. Your presence in the platform will help you to keep track of your trading record, and you can measure the impact of the knowledge that you gain on your bitcoin and cryptocurrency business online.

The concept is interesting, but there are not a lot of specifics provided by the group which we see frequently in recent reviews of , CloseOption and Binary Cent .


  • Founded: 2020
  • Type: Trading Platform / Education
  • Location: Australia
  • Payment Methods: Undisclosed

Features of Crypto Dukes

The platform exposes traders to different knowledge on how they can utilize both the appreciating and depreciating aspects of the aspects the they offer. Crypto Dukes helps traders uncover trading secrets needed to survive in the online trading community, and you will only count very few losses if any. Further, opening an account is efficient as it happens in a few steps and has no complications as you can start trading once you open the account.

The customer care support is efficient and personalized to suit your needs as you talk to traders who have more experience in any aspect at any time. Moreover, you will not have to worry about the language barrier as the group provides for multi-lingual customer support to its members. At Crypto Dukes, all you require is your willingness to learn about the trading industry and how to utilize the high liquidity therein as you gain exposure to always making profits.

How It Works

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education, Free Demo Account!
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The platform aims to expose traders to all the knowledge that they may need to maximize their profits from the online financial trading industry. Thus, you need to create a free account where you only provide your details including your phone number. Once on the platform, you can access all the trading information that you need as well as guidance from experts in the trading industry on how to make great use of the ideas for maximum profits on your investment.

Crypto Dukes encourages trading rather than buying of cryptocurrencies due to the many benefits that include the high liquidity of assets. Most trading platforms require payment for the knowledge they provide. However, this group aims to make the journey worthwhile for you as you access all the information free of charge through your account.


If you are looking to venture into the financial trading industry but have limited knowledge, Crypto Dukes is an option you can look at. There are no payments required for you to own an account and you will be sure to make all the profits as you please within your time and presence in the industry. Additionally, talking to experts and seeking direct advice is an added advantage from the group that aims to make you an expert in the field while ensuring minimal losses.

I am still unsure about this product as there is very little detail, or specificity about their offers.

Summary: This product offers traders education and a platform to trade crypto currencies.

Crypto Dukes

Robot Name: Crypto Dukes
Founded: 2020
Type: Robot
Price: Free*
Return: up to 2000%
Trading: Crypto
Demo Account: No
Minimum Deposit: Up to Broker

Crypto Dukes Review

Crypto Dukes is an exclusive community of top cryptocurrency traders that want to help you master the art of Cryptocurrency Trading. The community was founded by Jaden Monahan, a resident (allegedly) of Bellevue Hills, Australia with about 12 years experience trading financial markets online. He created CryptoDukes with a group of trading colleagues to meet the high demand of people who wanted help with cryptocurrency trading. The best news is that it’s free, all you have to do is sign up for an account and you are ready to go… sort of.

The first thing I noticed when I got on the website is that there is no information about the company behind this great service, where they are located or what it is, exactly, that they do. There is a great video explaining how the cryptocurrency market is awesome and people are making lots of money but no details on what you get when you join.

Something else I noticed, even before I started the signup process (using a fake name of course, and my trusty VPN) is that on the website they ask you to “open a free trading account now” and to “trade now” in two places and that is confusing. I think this service is a trading community but these offers to “trade now” make me think I’m about to sign up for a broker… let’s see what I find.

When you sign up you are sent to a little survey of your trading knowledge and history. Once you complete the survey they tell you that your application to the Crypto Dukes has been submitted and they will get back to you on whether you are accepted. In the meantime, you get to use a handy-dandy free demo account that just so happens to come complimentary with your submission. Yes, you are automatically signed with a CFD broker upon submission just like I thought. The good news is that everybody’s application is accepted. . . and all you get is the stupid chat room that comes with the Tradologic crypto platform (it sucks).

Why Crypto Dukes Might Not Suck

Crypto Dukes might not suck because it is based, I think, on social trading. It is a community of successful cryptocurrency traders just waiting to give you a hand.

Why Crypto Dukes Might Suck

Crypto Dukes might suck because it is the same old story. A shady broker masquerading as a trading service in order to get you to sign up. If they can’t be honest about who and what they are, what can they be honest about?

Is The Crypto Dukes A Scam?

They may not be a scam but they are liars. They tell you all it takes is a free sign-up but what it really takes is a sign-up, an application and an acceptance to get it. They also don’t tell you they are really a front for a broker, a sure sign of marketing, and when combined with the lies makes them look even more like a scam. The broker they send you to is eMarketTrade, operated by Kalessica LTD which states they are a Cyprus registered firm, a firm of which there is no record in Cyprus. So, is the Crypto Dukes a scam? Yes. No question about it.

Crypto Dukes Review – Scam System or $1,000+ Per Day?

Crypto Dukes claims to be a cryptocurrency trading system that makes it easier than ever to trade bitcoin and other altcoins. There are many different promotional materials circulating the internet for this system and some of them claim that you can easily make thousands of dollars per day with it. But of course you cannot always trust what you hear online right away, which I’m guessing is why you are doing research right now in the first place.

So is Crypto Dukes the real deal? Can you make big money with this trading system? Or is Crypto Dukes a scam that is just going to end up leaving you with less money than when you started? In this review I will go over the truth of the matter and give my honest opinion of it all. You are going to want to read this if you were thinking about buying in.

Crypto Dukes Review

There are several different websites for the Crypto Dukes system which is a bit confusing.

You can see a screenshot below of the one site. On this site, which is, there was a video presentation made by the supposed created of the system, Jaden Monahan. He claims that he developed this system for beginner and experienced traders and that anyone can benefit greatly from it…

The strange part is that, like I said, there are other sites out there promoting this system. Another one I came across was, which you can see a screenshot of below. This site was very different. It was more of your typical get rich quick scheme. On the site they state that you can earn $1,432 per day with this system and go on and on about how simple it is to use, which is a major red flag.

How Kyle Makes Over $6,000/mo From His Laptop

*For anyone looking to work from home – no requirements to do this

In addition to this, they tell you that the creator of the system is a guy named Derrick Simmons, which you can see below.

Both of these websites are promoting the same system. They both have the same Crypto Dukes logo and everything yet they have different creators. This is a major red flag. Who is the real creator here? Why do the video presentations provide different information that does not match up?…. so many questions and no answers to them.

Definitely NOT Free

They lead you to believe that you will be able to test out a demo account or get to use this system for free in one way or another but this happens to be something that just isn’t true.

What they do is push you to deposit $250 minimum with an unregulated broker, which is a risky game. There are lots of unregulated brokers out there and what unregulated means is that there are no authorities looking over them making sure they are doing the right thing, meaning that they can easily scam people basically.

I mean it makes sense and all that you would have to deposit money into your account first. Of course if you are going to trade cryptocurrencies you are first going to have to buy some. Trading is all about buying and selling.

No Need For a Broker

The fact that they refer you to a broker is a major red flag by itself. If you are new to all of this then you probably wouldn’t know but what you should know is that to trade cryptocurrencies there is no need for a broker at all. If you are looking into a cryptocurrency trading opportunity that refers you to a broker then it is more than likely a scam, as I mentioned in my 10 Ways to Spot a Cryptocurrency Scam post.

Anyone can create trading accounts on the many cryptocurrency exchanges out there and they provide API which means that you should be able to hook up a trading software like this directly to the exchange. There is no need for a broker of any sorts.

I have been trading cryptos for a while now and use several different trading programs that are hooked up to my exchange accounts. This is how it should be if it were legitimate. But they refer you to some untrusted broker that you are just supposed to deposit a bunch of money with…. very shady.

When I signed up to use the Crypto Dukes system I was directed to a broker named eMarketsTrade. I will say that the site was very professionally set up and looked great, but I just don’t trust them at all. There is no information about them really and after being directed to them from a pretty obvious scam, it makes sense to not trust their operations.

What Is Going On Behind The Scenes

I review automated trading systems that refer people to unregulated brokers like this all the time and it usually is the same type of thing that is going on.

These scam trading systems that are being advertised, like Crypto Dukes here, are making money by referring people to these brokers. From what I understand the brokers they are referring people to are completely different entities, but they way they make money is by earning commissions on the deposits users make.

So the Crypto Dukes system refers you to some broker (eMarketsTrade for example) and you deposit money… the creators of this Crypto Dukes system then earn a commission from referring you.

Bitcoin Bonanza, One Bitcoin A Day, Bitcoin Focus Group… these are some other recent scams that do the same sort of thing.

Your Typical Automated Trading System Scam

This seems to be your pretty typical scam of this type. They tell you everything that you want to hear…. that it is super easy to use, that you can make tons of money, and that you can use it for free of course.

Supposedly it is the fastest, safest, and most reliable crypto trading system on the market and it uses an algorithm that is “miles ahead of the current competitors’ trading algorithms”, but it seems that every system out there tells you a bunch of BS like this. The bottom line is that there is absolutely no proof that any of what they are telling you is true.

Anyone can say a bunch of things but without evidence that it is true or not then you simply cannot trust it.

Just Can’t Trust This Place

Ok so lets think about it all for a second…from the start everything looked phony. There are multiple sites promoting this system and they are providing different information. Second, it all sounds too good to be true. If it were so great they wouldn’t just be giving away free demo accounts to the public like this. Third, they refer you to some broker which cannot be trusted and which is a completely unnecessary step in the cryptocurrency trading process. And lastly, they just don’t give any proof that any of this is actually real.

You can buy into this and test it out if you want to but I would absolutely recommend against it. I have reviewed so many of these scams and this seems to just be another one of many.

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