Cash365 Review Scam Exposed with Evidence!!

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Cash365 Review: Scam Exposed with Evidence!!

Make $1,857.93 a day! Cash365 Review explain,s why this is yet another binary scam, promising it has made millionaires from ‘nothing-naires’. This software was launched in 2020 and it alleges it was created by a a top wall street broker and a mathematical genius, which are all false claims to scam innocent traders. We advice our readers to stay clear of Cash365 as much as possible, to avoid losing your money. Read further to see why this is a despicable scam software

Blacklisted website:

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Cash365 Scam Exposed!!

The sales pitch video of Cash365 software is filled with lots of ludicrous and over-bloated claims. They claim this system scans hundreds of foreign, national and international markets in an instant to let you know the most lucrative deals which the software uses to autotrade on your behalf. For newbies in binary options trading, you may be carried away by this claims, we assure you that these are all false. Its an empty statement to rope you in.

You see people testifying how they are millionaires thanks to Cash 365. Those people you see making those claims in the video, of how they have become millionaire from this software are just paid actors, they have never used the software. They were paid to tell you lies. As an evidence, we investigated one of them and we found out that he is a seller who offers video testimonials on anything for you at the rate of just $5 on an online marketplace were you could get services, and you can pay people to formulate lies just to endorse a product or service they have never used).

The badges on the website are all fake, and they have never won any awards as they claim. How would a scam software win an award after-all? They are just made-up. And the testimonial images on their website are all stolen images from the internet that has no connections with the software.

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Cash365 IS A SCAM BINARY SOFTWARE, we advice you avoid the Cash 365 App if you don’t want to lose your money. It is not free as it claims. Once you sign-up, you would be asked to fund your broker account with $250 and above., that is how you would lose your investments because this software is just a piece of crap that is out to scam traders. Good softwares, use profitable strategies and signals to auto-trade your funded regulated broker account, to make profits on your investment.

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Cash 365 Review :- Scam Software Exposed With Proofs !!

Should investors trust Cash 365 Reviews ? Well, trust is earned, and the rogue website has clearly failed to demonstrate transparency. In fact, Cash 365 website is very consistent in following the routine of scams on the internet. For example, the website claims that traders will make $1,857.93 every single day of trading with the software. But how do they arrive at such figures in a game where winning and losing is the norm? Besides this, the website says that Cash 365 system is 100% free to use, and that there are some 473 inexperienced traders who are using it to rake in millions of dollars a year. Do you think these statistics are real when no proof has been given?

Proof has never been given to support the claims made about this Cash 365 Review software. So then, we can easily conclude that this scam rides on factoids which are commonly used in the industry. And if you want to know that this is the pure truth, try signing up (because it’s free) and you will hit a roadblock when they finally ask for your $250 investment. This get-rich-quick scheme is based on lies and fabricated testimonials.

Cash 365 Review :- Scam Proofs Explained !!

The scammers behind this money-stealing scheme have no credibility. Their job is to manipulate the inexperienced trader into believing that trading brings money quicker than ordering a cup of coffee.

First Evidence To Support – Cash 365 Software A Scam !!

First of all, this scam appears on two domains with the same content. Beware of and which propagate the same idea of making money in your sleep.

The idea is that Cash 365 Review signals can and will make any trader become a millionaire in just a few weeks. Because the robot is 99% successful in all trading sessions, one should expect to accomplish this goal in the shortest time possible, and for FREE!

If only it was true, we would have considered it impressive. But now the problem is that this website looks like an outright fraud.

The idea of trading and making money round the clock, even on weekends, is a fallacy. Even if Cash 365 system was genuine, it wouldn’t trade on weekends because nearly all brokers are closed on weekends. These lies and deceptions are still used anyway to fool new traders.

Read The Cash 365 Earning Disclaimer Before Joining !!

New investors with a modest capital of $250 are always in a rush to put money into magical systems like Cash 365 platform. Usually they get impatient after seeing that they can earn boat loads of cash in a short time, so they never read the fine print.

However, Cash 365 Review system makes it clear that it is a scam by stating that the earning examples used in the promotion do not represent the performance of the software. Reading further, you will see that this website is not making any promises or guarantees of making a single penny. Now, if you just heard it from the horse’s mouth, what makes you think that you can ignore this fact and still go ahead to become a successful trader with the rogue cash 365 system? Take note that the fine print has stated that they will not be responsible for your losses as a result of using their robot. Once this statement sinks in your mind, you will begin seeing that this robot is only selling a dream that won’t come true.

Who Are Owners/People behind The Cash 365 App ?

We learn that some Wall Street traders and Mathematicians were involved in the making of Cash 365 platform. Does this software really look like it was crafted by Wall Street engineers? We doubt that claim. Moreover, there is no evidence that the hand of Wall Street traders were involved in the making of Cash 365 software.

On the other hand, there is plenty of tangible evidence that this software is a white label. The real identities of the persons behind this website are kept secret. They claim that the identity of the developer must be kept secret because Cash 365 is still new. What they forget is that we can’t trust a system owned by a faceless developer.

Fake Cash365 Reviews,Testimonials And Stock Photos !!

All photos which appear on this Review website are nothing but stock photos. The same can be said about the writings which appear alongside those photos.

They wanted to make Cash 365 look like it is being used by real people when the truth is that no one is using it to make any money. And because we are dealing with hidden identities here, it was only expedient to carry out a thorough investigation on the other elements of this scam website.

The Cash 365 website purports to give ‘’Live proof’’ of earning for the said members. We clicked on them and guess what? A screenshot came up depicting the various user accounts highlighting profits earned on various trading dates and time. But their contacts remained hidden, which meant that there was no way we were going to call in order to confirm from them that they were earning the said amount of money. Those review screenshots lack authenticity and cannot be used as proof in any circumstance.

Fake Badges In Cash365 Website Exposed !!

The Cash 365 System is promoted as the best and most profitable software for trading stocks and currencies on the web. They mention big brands and how you can trade their stocks using Cash 365 platform. However, this does very little in proving whether or not the software is a scam.

So we had to check out the other badges too. In one of those fake badges, we saw that they were claiming to have scooped the award of the best trading robot in 2020. Clicking that badge took us to nowhere. We were disappointed because we expected some sort of proof that Cash 365 software won this award in 2020.

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Conclusion:- The Cash 365 System Must Be Avoided !!

This Cash 365 fraud is carefully crafted to target traders who are after quick, easy money. That kind of thing doesn’t exist anywhere. If anything, greed is the number one thing that leads to crippling losses in trading. So we wouldn’t encourage you or anyone else to use this software. This Cash 365 Review is being as honest as possible so as to save you from the disappointment that comes with losing money to scams. After all, you wouldn’t want to send your money to a faceless software developer who promises you millions in a fortnight. Would you?

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Cash365 Review: Scam Exposed with Evidence!!

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