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MyChargeBack Reviews

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Write a review

Reviews 194

Click on my profile to get the details…

Click on my profile to get the details of a recovery expert

Fabulous service

I first learned of your service after looking at the reviews on line about the company that ripped me off. I sent a message and was called back promptly by your team when I explained my situation your team assigned Howard T to my case he thoroughly explained what we were about to do together. I have to say at this point Howard was exceptional totally professional and although at first my holding bank tried to fob us of with my complaint Howard was tenacious in getting them to raise the correct complaint. He called me a number of times to explain the process and how things would proceed. Your team reclaimed almost 11k for me thank you

You did well

You did well, I am very pleased
You are acting very appropriately, kindly and precisely
I received information and instructions on how to proceed.
I´m very grateful I already got some of my money back,
which I thought I had already lost.

I can honestly recommend My Charge…

I can honestly recommend My Charge Back, they were super efficient in their advise, very supportive and took all the admin and liaising with banks (foreign and local) out of my hands. It was obviously a very worrying time and had to wait over a year for the Ombudsman to make a decision, but so pleased to say that eventually the outcome was a positive one. I did not get all the money back what I lost, but am very happy with the outcome and would not have known how to approach to retrieving anything if it wasn’t for My Charge Back. Thank you!

100% genuine process to recover funds

100% genuine process to recover funds. Absolutely a professional service and I’m 100% satisfied with team that helped me in recovering my funds. The process takes time, but patience is the key and you’ll get your rewards.

They are a excellent company to work…

They are a excellent company to work with. Their persistence with clients shows the experience they have.
They certainly, what I thought was lost, gave me back the hope and managed to get back my lost finances.
Highly recommended!

I have not experienced this success…

I have not experienced this success that Markus achieved. You are the best.
You kept me informed and assisted me all the way. I was not hopeful that you will get my money back but you did and in a record time.
I want to thank every one who was involved in my case.
You are an amazing organization and I will promote you where ever I can.
Regards Adriaan Spies from South Africa.

Was scammed by golden markets in late…

Was scammed by golden markets in late 2020. Raised a chargeback with Barclays bank we are uk based. Whole experience with bank was a disaster due to there mishandling and lack of understanding with what had happened to us scam. Anyway chargeback failed. So year on late 2020 received Email from mychargeback saying they had recovered clients money from rogue company. Took the plunge with them had done due diligence regards to them from before. After making payment was assigned Rodney as case manager very shrewd and smart man. He asked for all paperwork to be sent to him via email so he could prepare case to Barclays on our behalf. Had several 3 way conversations on phone with Barclays giving Rodney permission to speak on our behalf as POA. Our charge back was unsuccessful this more to do with Barclays and the shoddy way they treat there customers. Anyone who been scamned time is of essence use mychargeback soon as possible to give yourself best chance get your funds back. I’m sure if I had used them when I was first scammed outcome would have been very different in my favour. Only issue I have is Rodney said last port of call for me is the ombudsman, had 3 phone calls arranged and been let down each time with no explanation. Last time I couldn’t be bothered to email and ask why. I did post a review on here few weeks back, soon as posted review receive email scheduling a phone call to contact ombudsman. That day been and gone no one called. In my opinion no funds equals no commission for them. If not for this issue would given 4or 5 star. Just leaves bad taste in mouth as I’m taking time off work waiting for call that never comes. Put that to one side this a reputable company that may be able to help in right circumstances. Further to mychargeback reply below. They have scheduled a call with me next tues so will keep posted. Send my regards to Rodney decent guy and like I said in my post he knows his stuff

Scammed by Olympus Market ��

I was scammed by a group call Olympus Market . It was $22,000. I felt so ashamed and naive of this scam . I thought I was never going to see my once off super again. I was so stressed about it that I was up all hours of the night reading Reviews about financial groups that could help you. Some of the groups were scammers themselves, until I found a lady who had a encouraging word to say about My chargeback.
I decided to give them ago, expecting a long reply . But as soon as I applied. They called me within 20 minutes. Chargeback have been helping people who have been scammed for years . They are very professional and easy to cooperate with. They know there way around the banks. They are very clever. I was very lucky to have Marcus on my side. He knew exactly what to do and say at the time we would be having a 3 way conversation to the bank.
On application there is a small fee . But I thought I have lost so much . What was $1200 . I am so glad I did go ahead because I saw a refund in my bank account in a week. It was unavailable to me , but I can see it in my account. It was better there than in the scammers hands.
The investigation took 2 months. My Chargeback had to approach the scammers to defend our case. Olympus Market had 26 days to reply which they did not.
In the end it went in my favour. The bank released my funds immediately.
So I would absolutely recommend my chargeback. The team are incredible. They made the whole process very easy. The communication was fantastic, which gave me peace of mind that the process was in motion. It was just a matter of time.

Overall these guys know what they are…

Overall these guys know what they are doing at my chargeback; being having fantastic knowledge in this area. My case was very complicated and I have spoken to about 4 different advisors at my chargeback. A fraction of my money was recovered (£2,500 out of £17,000); but me having paid £1,000 for them to write a letter is expensive; I pretty much recovered £2,500 but paid them about £2,000. I am £500 better off. Apart from that I would use them again however I will not touch trading companies ever again! I would recommend my chargeback to other people.

John: Thank you very much for your review. We also regret that you were only able to receive a partial chargeback. As you may know, we only accept a minority of the cases brought to our attention. That is because we have to be convinced that the cases we do accept meet all the requirements for a chargeback as established by the relevant credit card company, and that the client has sufficient documentation to prove his case. You met those requirements, you furnished that documentation, your case was presented well, and you deserved to win. Unfortunately, your bank ruled otherwise and, in so doing, denied you your rights. Because banks have the final say in the matter we cannot guarantee 100% success from the start, only 100% effort. We are confident that we provided that to you.

One correction, however: Your up-front fee was not only for a letter. Our initial retainer covers work provided by five staff members in four different departments, all of whom spent multiple hours gathering and organizing your materials, processing your case, and drafting the brief that you provided to your bank, as well as the GDPR letter you mention. In fact, our up-front fee did not cover all of that preparatory work, which is why we subsidize most cases we accept. We do that because we believe they stand a reasonable chance of being successful. We felt that way about yours as well.

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Thank you for your patience and positive attitude throughout your case.

Excellent Service

Very professional. Managed to recover the funds. Very pleased indeed.

I was scammed by( FX Leader ) thieves…

I was scammed by( FX Leader ) thieves forex brokers online trading fake company, out of almost 5000$ USD.
With the great help and support which i can’t believe i received a full of 100% my funds back into my account.
I really cannot enough to thank MyChargeBack team and company, especially My professional recovery Advisor Yuliya she is amazing, fantastic professional in her field and with success she won my case, I appreciate her hard work and her excellence and experience she has. Once again Big Thanks to the excellent, unique team and company
I highly recommend MyChargeBack company and their services to all people who were scammed by thieves and stolen by frauds
Just Try and Trust “MyChargeBack”.

scammed again

I contacted mychargeback after viewing favourable reviews on Trustpilot after having been scammed by two forex trading companies. I had also been warned of scammers posing as recovery companies. I received a letter which I forwarded on to the bank for recovery of .credit card payments, I was then told my case would be handled by Eli, then my problems began. It took four months of emails to get a response and finally arrange a phone call to the bank to recover bank (wire ) transfers. Eventually got a reply from the bank , emailed Eli again, no response had to wait for a month to be eventually told. That was it, they had done everything and the bank would not pay up. I had paid £6000 for a letter and phone call, he then said they would be in contact about going after the recipients of the funds, which they haven’t and why would they need to contact me about something they have already had a year to do.

Sadly let down by…

Sadly let down by offered everything, delivered nothing. Lost £69995 so they could have made 15k if they bothered to work on my case with blank and Beaufort scam.
Sadly now I have to go to my bank to get my deposit back as I feel scammed by
Yes I have complained properly 4 times. Sadly nothing happened.
Insult to injury. Sad.

Paul, as you know, we have invested 100% of our effort into your case and, in fact, gone above and beyond our obligations as per our contract in order to do so, and we are continuing to do so until your case comes to a hopefully successful completion with the legal action being currently taken.

In addition, to clarify: We did address all four of your complaints as they were received.

I appreciate the work you are doing.

Engaging My Charge Back’s services was a good choice, especially with the support and advice given by the specialist we (my wife and I) were assigned to. Our only small complaint is that we would have liked to have had a quicker response to some of our earlier emails when requesting some advice.

We appreciated it when Markus informed us of his taking over our account for the case, and appreciated him taking us to the “finish line” – convincing the bank to restore our lost money.

Paid the money no contact since august 2020 Iryna T
looks like another scam

We will be posting a more detailed response, but in the meantime, we beg to differ about “no contact since august 2020.” According to our records, your recovery agent actually sent you an email on September 26, 2020. Since you did not respond to that email, your case lingered. We suggest that you recheck your email inbox.

And to address your last comment, we understand your frustration, but it is not at all appropriate to insinuate that our company is a “scam.”

Clients are always invited to contact the Customer Satisfaction department at [email protected] for a very prompt response on any issue that they do not feel is being addressed by another department here at the company.


I was a client at attempting to recover the cryptocurrency that was lost due to a fraudulent forex broker,, taking my online wallet at the time of payout. I hired these folks in May 2020. They were charged with trying to recover the bitcoin that was purchased in order to enter the forex fraudulent scheme at the said broker. Fast forward about a year and i have yet to make any headway in the funds recovery.

As many of you may have figured, the scammers have been smart and are at the head of many of these fund recovery organizations we find online. I have fear that these people are no different.

After a year of writing letters, the only pieces of success that this outfit has made was notifying the FBI and the UK authorities, the two places were the criminals cashed out my investments. The last email i received from these people informed of the thing they were UNABLE to do.

Not sure how this world has gotten so out of hand and how people have become so desperate for a dollar, but i suggest you stay away from these guys. They will not help.

Also, if you refer to their comments, they assume a client has the capability of individually filing a subpoena and serving a company. For specialists who claim to have the capabilities to recover your lost money, these folks clearly are incapable of carrying out the essential tasks required for these kind of cases. Had they done their due diligence versus just accepted a case for the fee, they would have understood the required elements.

For them to complain about abuse, is hogwash. These people would ignore emails, submit letter with dates and monetary values that were erroneous and tell the client that important details on their case are not of their concern.

My lawyers will be in contact with you all shortly to ascertain any loose ends or contractual binds you may assume you have on me or this situation are removed. Thank you for your efforts. Your services are no longer necessary and I unfortunately did not have a positive experience in our collaboration.

Gabriel, we sympathize with your situation. Your loss is also our loss.

It is emotionally stressful to be scammed and even more so when the money you lost cannot be recovered. Cryptocurrency is particularly difficult to recover since, by definition, tracing its path through the blockchain was designed to provide anonymity. For that reason, we were reticent at first to take on your case, but decided to do so because we were convinced that we would be able to provide at least some assistance to you. While we can never guarantee 100% results, we do guarantee 100% effort. And the record shows that we provided it, and more.

First, we went above and beyond our contractual obligation to you by retaining an attorney to draft a total of 16 legal letters, as you mentioned, to cover all the possible angles in tracing your assets.

Second, we provided a free Crypto Trace for you, which was not included in the contract that we drafted and that you signed. This Crypto Trace turned up the pathway and final ewallet destination of your cryptocurrency. That, in turn, enabled us to notify the FBI and appropriate UK authorities, as you mentioned.

Third, we also drafted a free police report for you (also not included in the contract that we drafted and you signed) which is in your hands. You are free to submit it to the police to seek a court subpoena that would cite the ID of the ewallet holder. According to the law, a police report must be filed by the person who was the victim of the crime, which is why we couldn’t do it for you.

Therefore, there is no doubt that, during the many months of work we invested in your case, we did make significant headway. As a result, you can now pursue your case with the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

We should also note, however, that despite all of this, we were subjected to a significant amount of verbal abuse during your phone conversations with Iryna and Evan. (We reviewed the recordings and your comportment during those calls was truly offensive. We are very happy to share these recordings.)

We are disappointed with your lack of appreciation for our efforts that went above and beyond our contractual obligations. We obviously believed in the viability of your case, which is why we took it on, and were dedicated to your case all of the way through.

Despite your lack of value and appreciation for our work (including what you say and accuse us of in your review that you have posted above), we wish you success in pursuing your case with the police to eventually bring the scammers to justice, and your bitcoin back into your wallet (where it belongs).

Collaboration opportunities

We can provide business, public services and civil society organisations with access to world-leading academic researchers who can help you think in new and challenging ways.

Opportunities for collaboration with university-based researchers

We have awarded funding (through Impact Acceleration Accounts) to 24 universities to work in partnership with non-academic organisations to make better use of social science.

What Works

Our investment in What Works enable researchers in universities to assess and summarise evidence for public policy across the UK.

Alliance for Useful Evidence

Non-academic organisations can join the ESRC-supported Alliance for Useful Evidence, an open access network of individuals from across government, universities, charities, business and local authorities, where you can be alerted to events, publications and discussions about making evidence use a reality.

Networking and events

We provide a wide range of opportunities to engage with expert researchers and connect with others. Our events include the annual Festival of Social Science research seminars.

Collaboration and training

Ways you can work with the researchers we fund include:

  • host a PhD student via a placement through our Doctoral Training Network
  • offer for staff from your organisation to spend time at a university on a secondment or research project through one of our Impact Acceleration Account universities
  • host a researcher via a Knowledge Transfer Partnership
  • attend a National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) training course
  • collaborate with researchers to secure funding for new research as part of one of our funding opportunities.


We support world leading research that makes a difference to lives. To find out more about the difference our research has made, see:

We invest heavily in world class resources to provide an infrastructure which can help tackle some of our most pressing issues. The UK Data Service holds many datasets which can be used by researchers in your organisation.

The enormous volume and complexity of data that is now being collected by government departments, businesses and other organisations represents a significant resource. Our Big Data Network is developing partnerships with these organisations to help the UK become a world leader in big data.

Collaboration Opportunity with Mychargeback

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The Opportunity Collaboration is a global network of leaders dedicated to building sustainable solutions to poverty and injustice. We annually convene a 4-day collaborative summit that is uniquely designed to help you forge alliances and advance your organization’s social impact initiatives.

[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row css_animation=”” row_type=”row” use_row_as_full_screen_section=”no” type=”grid” angled_section=”no” text_align=”left” background_image_as_pattern=”without_pattern” z_index=”” css=”.vc_custom_1515127287677”][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Management Team

[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row css_animation=”” row_type=”row” use_row_as_full_screen_section=”no” type=”grid” angled_section=”no” text_align=”left” background_image_as_pattern=”without_pattern” z_index=””][vc_column width=”1/3″]

Jorian Wilkins

After beginning her career as a strategy consultant with Bain & Company and earning her MBA from Stanford University, Jorian launched her first social venture, a civic club in Boulder, Colorado self-sustained by members hosting hundreds of cultural and educational community events. While becoming a mother to three sons, Jorian lived in Mexico, managed the #1 All-Inclusive Luxury Resort in the U.S., and eventually settled in California. She is proud of her last decade as COO of Opportunity Collaboration, building an impact network that contributes to social and economic justice around the globe.

Topher Wilkins

Topher has been convening and connecting people for the purposes of social change for 15+ years, starting at the Highland City Club, a membership community of 300 change-makers in Boulder, Colorado. He managed Dunton Hot Springs, one of North America’s top all-inclusive resorts and retreat centers, and founded, a group of 150+ impact conferences and accelerators. Topher now leads the Opportunity Collaboration’s global network of 2,000+ nonprofit executives, for-profit social entrepreneurs, grant-makers, impact investors, corporates, media and academics building sustainable solutions to poverty and injustice.

Tracie Hudgins

Tracie has been a member of the Opportunity Collaboration team since its inaugural year and has been working in the field of microfinance and poverty alleviation for 9+ years. In addition to the Opportunity Collaboration, Tracie is the Operations Manger for MCE Social Capital. Previously, she was an Executive Assistant for B&J Smith Associates, Executive Assistant for iNation, Executive Assistant (IT) for VistaCare, and Executive Assistant (Finance) for the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. Tracie graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Journalism and Public Relations.

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Every year I attend, I have an absolutely amazing week with tangible resources, both professionally and personally. This year was no exception. – EJ Jacobs, Program Director, Nduna Foundation, USA

Advisory Council

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