Exciting Software Testing Trends to Follow In 2020

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Get Ready to Check the Impressive Software Testing Trends in 2020:

Learn what trends would critically affect you and how to help yourself ready for the game from this informative article.

Nowadays, we witness enormous changes in the technological advancements as the world is becoming digitalized.

The year 2020 too will mark the continuation of tremendous changes in technology and digital transformation, thereby requiring the organizations to constantly innovate and reinvent themselves.

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Quality at Speed:

The exponential and unprecedented change in technology affects the way in which the organizations develop, validate, deliver, and operate the software.

Hence, these organizations must consistently innovate and revamp themselves through finding the solution to optimize practices and tools to develop and deliver high-quality software quickly.

Accounting for roughly 30% of the total project effort, software testing is an important focus for changes and improvements. Testing practices and tools need to evolve to address the challenges of achieving “Quality at Speed” amid the increasing complexity of systems, environments, and data.

We have presented below the top trends in software testing, and many of which have already emerged over the past few years. We observed that Agile and DevOps, test automation, artificial intelligence for testing, and API test automation are the most noticeable trends in 2020 and over the next few years too.

Along with these trends, there are testing solutions like Selenium, Katalon, TestComplete, and Kobiton which have the potential to address the challenges in software testing.

What You Will Learn:

Watch out the Top Software Testing Trends that one should anticipate in the year 2020.

Let’s Explore!!

#1) Agile and DevOps

Organizations have embraced Agile as a response to rapidly changing requirements and DevOps as a response to the demand for speed.

DevOps involves practices, rules, processes, and tools that help to integrate development and operation activities to reduce the time from development to operations. DevOps has become a widely accepted solution for organizations which are looking at ways to shorten the software lifecycles from development to delivery and operation.

The adoption of both Agile and DevOps helps the teams to develop and deliver quality software faster, which in turn is also known as “Quality of Speed”. This adoption has gained much interest over the past five years and continues to intensify in the coming years too.

#2) Test Automation

In order to implement DevOps practices effectively, software teams cannot ignore test automation as it is an essential element of the DevOps process.

They need to find the opportunities to replace manual testing with automated testing. As test automation is considered to be an important bottleneck of DevOps, at a minimum, most regression testing should be automated.

Given the popularity of DevOps and the fact that test automation is underutilized, with less than 20% of testing is automated, there is a lot of room to increase the adoption of test automation in organizations. More advanced methods and tools should emerge to allow better utilization of test automation in projects.

Existing popular automation tools such as Selenium, Katalon, and TestComplete continue to evolve with new features that make automation much easier and more effective too.

For the list of best automation testing tools for 2020, please refer here and this list here.

#3) API and Services Test Automation

Decoupling the client and server is a current trend in designing both Web and mobile applications.

API and services are reused in more than one application or component. These changes, in turn, require the teams to test API and services independent from the application using them.

When API and services are used across client applications and components, testing them is more effective and efficient than testing the client. The trend is that the need for API and services test automation continues to increase, possibly outpacing that of the functionality used by the end-users on user interfaces.

Having the right process, tool and solution for API automation test are more critical than ever. Therefore, it is worth your effort in learning the best API Testing Tools for your testing projects.

#4) Artificial Intelligence for Testing

Although applying the artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) approaches to address the challenges in software testing is not new in the software research community, the recent advancements in AI/ML with a large amount of data available pose new opportunities to apply AI/ML in testing.

However, the application of AI/ML in testing is still in the early stages. Organizations will find ways to optimize their testing practices in AI/ML.

AI/ML algorithms are developed to generate better test cases, test scripts, test data, and reports. Predictive models would help to make decisions about where, what, and when to test. Smart analytics and visualization support the teams to detect faults, to understand test coverage, areas of high risk, etc.

We hope to see more applications of AI/ML in addressing problems such as quality prediction, test case prioritization, fault classification and assignment in the upcoming years.

#5) Mobile Test Automation

The trend of mobile app development continues to grow as mobile devices are increasingly more capable.

To fully support DevOps, mobile test automation must be a part of DevOps toolchains. However, the current utilization of mobile test automation is very low, partly due to the lack of methods and tools.

The trend of automated testing for mobile app continues to increase. This trend is driven by the need to shorten time-to-market and more advanced methods and tools for mobile test automation.

The integration between cloud-based mobile device labs like Kobiton and test automation tools like Katalon may help in bringing mobile automation to the next level.

#6) Test Environments and Data

The rapid growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) (see top IoT devices here) means more software systems are operating in numerous different environments. This places a challenge for the testing teams to ensure the right level of test coverage. Indeed, the lack of test environments and data is a top challenge when applying to test in agile projects.

We will see growth in offering and using cloud-based and containerized test environments. The application of AI/ML to generate test data and the growth of data projects are some solutions for the lack of test data.

#7) Integration of Tools and Activities

It is hard to use any testing tool that is not integrated with the other tools for application lifecycle management. Software teams need to integrate the tools used for all development phases and activities so that multi-source data can be gathered to apply AI/ML approaches effectively.

For Example, using AI/ML to detect where to focus testing on, needs not only data from the testing phase but also from the requirements, design, and implementation phases.

Along with the trends of increasing transformation toward DevOps, test automation, and AI/ML, we will see testing tools that allow integration with the other tools and activities in ALM.


These are the Emerging Software Testing Trends that one should watch out in 2020 as we live in the world of unprecedented exponential changes driven by technology and digital transformation.

Organizations and individuals need to remain aware of the developments in the industry. Keeping up with these trends would give test professionals, organizations, and teams the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve.

Are there any other interesting Software Testing Trends that you foresee in 2020? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!!

The exponential growth of software is here to stay, and the year 2020 will not be any different. The forthcoming year is anticipated to witness a few software testing trends to garner a great deal of user attention and help different organizations stay competitive. Let us dig into these software testing trends which are most likely to define the year 2020. Have a look:

    The Necessity of Testing Big Data
    Since the passage of time, data and data analytics has gained huge momentum in a variety of fields including healthcare, telecom, retail, banking, and the likes. There has been a lot of emphasis on the way the data are segmented and optimized for making decisions. Testing of big data is not an uncommon phenomenon and it’s expected to grow exponentially in the upcoming days. The trend of big data testing has been fueled mainly because of the robust processes that most of the enterprises are following to churn out the best of marketing strategies. Acknowledging this fact, we must claim that the need for testing big data applications will witness a new rise in 2020.

  • Digital Technology to be Tested with a Renewed Gusto
    Digital technologies including social media, multimedia, online gaming apps, interoperable tools, mobile devices, etc. are redefining an assortment of services and products. Since these platforms are always evolving, there is no specific way of developing or testing these applications. This is the reason why digital testing for digital transformation will gain a lot of importance, as most of the companies are unable to enter the market prior to testing their software or applications. This will pave ways for flexible testing as well as development approaches like Agile & DevOps, et al. In the years to come, testing is anticipated to become a lot more automated.
  • Test Automation for the Robust QA
    Automation of tests have been garnering a lot of significance amidst today’s digital landscape, there is always a necessity of testing the codes repeatedly. The importance of getting software or an application is soaring by leaps and bounds. Moreover, test automation along with its in-built framework will ensure optimum test coverage that will automatically remove the chances of manual errors. Test automation is expected to be embraced by the millennial entrepreneurs by leveraging both Open Source and commercial tools.
  • Testing for a Better UX
    The importance of software testing has witnessed a staggering intensification, courtesy the inception of plenty of technology platforms and devices. The sphere of technology will experience more changes and the increased requirements of testing across different OS and devices. The prime objective would be to provide the desired user experience.
  • Testing for Security Midst Today’s Digital Landscape
    With the digital revolution, there have appeared a number of security threats in the world today. The demand for seasoned security testers will see a new rise in the upcoming years. It will be seen as one of the major enablers for every enterprise, which is working across a variety of sectors. In a quest to make their applications a lot more safe and secure, they have begun to work with different partners.
  • The upcoming year is expected to witness the continuation of these aforementioned software testing trends.

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    According to a report published by Gartner, “The worldwide software development spending is projected to grow by 8.2 percent in 2020 to a total of $466 billion.

    2020 is surely going to push the software development industry to greater altitudes. Therefore, the progress in all the software engineering domains, including software testing, is certain to observe the changes as well. Trends in Software development, including the testing processes, are expected to be more precise and advanced in 2020.

    Software testing is the step where the actual results are scrutinized, evaluated, and revised to meet the demanded results from the beginning of the development. This involves administering the components of the software or a system to assess its performance and assure that it operates as required.

    Have a look at these emerging software testing trends for the upcoming years:

    Testing for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    Past years’ data suggests that Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence will affect all the spheres of technological innovations in the upcoming years. AI is claimed to become the top investment priority of enterprises by 2020. In North America alone, the market for AI is predicted to be nearly $7 billion by 2020. Machine Learning will assist to enhance speech recognition and gesture recognition big time. The forecasts for various technological advancements based on AI and complex algorithms have transformed the vision of the future and these applications will require strict testing and validations too.

    DevOps System for Test Automation

    DevOps is not a new word in the software testing world. With the available advanced agile and DevOps methods, most businesses will continue to adopt test automation for faster and reliable releases in 2020 too. Unquestionably, test automation has already remodeled the software testing process to perform monotonous tasks fast and efficiently. With DevOps establishing proper collaboration between production departments, testing automation tools will continue to command the software testing ecosystem. DevOps adoption will assist businesses to deliver agile release cycles, reliable build quality, and faster ROI in 2020.
    According to a survey conducted by Statista, Only 9% of the survey participants said that they are not planning to include DevOps in their software development process in any way.

    Performance Engineering

    The performance of a software development business is always very closely connected to the success of their software products. To enable the best balance, companies nowadays are going for the trend of follow-ups and feedbacks to calculate the performance of their product. This whole idea is based on the user approval and user-friendliness of the software. Hence, the center of the development is performance and usability.
    The success of the software is evaluated in the terms of successful transactions within a defined time span, reducing the expenses of software maintenance and support, predicting and resolving bottlenecks that may occur later. The future efficiency of the software depends on the results of the performance assessment.
    Performance testing has now emerged into Performance engineering and with the user approval being the top priority, you can definitely witness a growth of performance engineering in 2020 and beyond.

    Internet of Things (IoT)

    The number of smart devices is predicted to be increased to 20.8 billion by 2020. In the year 2020, this number was only 6.4 billion. This data reveals the rapid growth of the smart device industry and the increasing capabilities of IoT.
    Every smart device that you know of is getting connected with the Internet of Things, then what is that one barrier that is stopping IoT from transforming our households? The answer is security concerns with IoT enabled devices among users. The Internet of Things will bring a whole new dimension in regular software testing. If businesses could combine security testing with the vast possibilities of IoT, 2020 can be the ultimate game-changer for the internet of things.
    The amalgam of IoT and software testing will demand the following kind of testing dimensions:

    • Safety evaluation (device availability, authenticity, and accuracy of authorization)
    • Connection delay monitoring
    • Data integrity testing
    • Testing the compatibility of protocols and device versions
    • Scalability testing

    Big Data Testing to Empower Enterprises

    Big data has played a crucial role in the development of numerous business industries, including banking, healthcare, technology, retail, media, telecom, and more.
    Big data testing helps these businesses to process huge volumes of data and several data types. It also assists data scientists to derive better conclusions with specific data validations, while improving business strategies. Big data testing is not a new phenomenon in 2020. However, it is expected to rise exponentially as numerous industries are moving toward a data-driven world.

    To sum it up

    Software testing, like any other software development component, is conquering new heights with every passing year. Strict software testing is one of the best solutions for a lot of security failures the consumer world is afraid of. Manual testing is continuously being replaced by testing automation. In 2020 we will notice a positive combination of these two testing models, as there are not sufficient testing tools yet to completely automate data processing and monitoring. But in the upcoming years, we are likely to see the absolute replacement of manual testing with automated testing.

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