FXCM – feedback and broker overview with the ability to trade micro CFDs

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FXCM – feedback and broker overview with the ability to trade micro CFDs

✅ This Trading Platform is available in Russia

Overview of prospective financial brokers: FXCM

Recently, many users of the World Wide Web have been witnessing a rapid growth in the number of brokers offering mutually beneficial cooperation in online trading to their clients. Anyone who has even initial knowledge in this area of ​​commercial activity understands that as long as there is a demand for forex brokers, one can bravely engage in the creation of new trading platforms. But this, only superficial observations, about these companies. Information about the main participants of the world financial markets, it is not difficult to find in the network, on TV, or in print media. Of course, these well-prepared descriptions strongly raise the broker’s rating, on which the attitude of potential traders depends, and, of course, the profit of the presented web resource. Therefore, serious brokers never spare money for creative advertising, which can interest the representatives of the target audience. In this case, sometimes funny situations occur.

Numerous reviews of “users” and allegedly authoritative “analysts”, in which a broker is called unfair, unfair to his clients, and sometimes – a common rascal, instead of intimidating the user, do not achieve their goal. Future traders start looking for information about “scammers” using authoritative sources, and very often register on this trading floor, not regretting their choice. The FXCM broker also got into similar situations, but the resource administration categorically refused to pay for such methods of fighting competitors, considering them dishonest and unworthy for representatives of any business.

Features of FXCM

A very important point for any company is the presence in the list of its clients of traders from the United States. Practical people who know how to make money, and will never engage in dubious projects, well know with which broker it is worth working, and when it is necessary to refuse cooperation so as not to become a victim of pseudobrokers. Many economists are convinced that this “flair” and knowledge of financial disciplines helped the famous dynasties of American billionaires to stay afloat in the 1930s. of the last century, and then, even badly to earn, despite poverty, ruin and unemployment in territory of all American states.


The company very carefully checks the biography and personal data of its potential customers. Work on the resource is available only from the age of 18. Note! Since 2020, the broker under consideration (thanks to a series of transactions) entered the international holding company Leucadia, significantly strengthening its position in the world financial markets. Given the multidirectional activities of the company, users can not be afraid of force majeure in any direction. For example, an increase in oil prices may under certain circumstances damage the broker (but the availability of own wells and processing plants very quickly compensate for the broker’s losses, which allows him to fulfill his obligations to traders).

An additional plus of the company is the warning of traders that no one guarantees them huge wealth after several months of bidding on the submitted resource. The fact that it is pleased (especially the users who finally decided to work on this site), the presence of MetaTrader 4 (the product used by the most advanced online trading specialists), its own platform, and also specially created for FXCM applications. All of them will help beginners to understand the algorithm of earnings faster, and to understand which of the listed platforms are best suited personally for each trader.

By registering to the FXCM login, the user gets direct access to Forex, which allows him to earn much more than on other trading floors. In this case Non Dealing Desk technology is used, which allows the clients of this company to conclude deals at the most favorable prices, without fear of accusations from the Antimonopoly committees of those countries where the broker operates.

To protect investments and personal information of its users, the best specialists of the company use the latest equipment and software, use encrypted communication channels.

Among the authoritative organizations involved in controlling the activity of brokers, we can distinguish the following:

But, one of the most serious agencies that regulate the activities of a broker is the American organization CFTC. The listed regulators are well-deservedly considered the most reliable in the world, and for experienced traders, only the above points are enough to safely register an account on the considered trading floor.

Educational materials

The broker under consideration pays much attention to training materials for its users. In addition to the standard:

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● Examples of successful strategies

This participant of the global financial market periodically uploads the most interesting news of this activity to YouTube, as well as an annual conference on the Forex currency market. On the official website of the broker, lessons are conducted for beginners, which help quickly master the algorithm of working with authoritative foreign markets. Well, the final stage will be developed for FXCM demo account – the main assistant for each novice trader, who so far has no relevant work experience.

Key indicators and requirements of FXCM

Experienced traders are well aware that to work on any trading floor you need to follow certain rules. And above all, it concerns financial nuances and some other issues that are of fundamental importance to the administration of the resource.

Trading conditions

● The minimum deposit is $ 50.

● Multiple accounts (differ by the minimum deposit amount and additional privileges).

● A highly qualified support team operates (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

● The minimum lot size is 0.01.

● The minimum bet is $ 25.

● Account currencies: American, Australian, New Zealand dollars, British pound, yen, euro.

● Provides free training, as well as bonuses, prizes and competitions for the most active traders.

If you collect all the surveys of users, analysts, etc., prepared about FXCM, you can see that most of them recommend checking financial information about the broker on the official website. Because even relatively new information can lose its relevance within 1-2 days.

Withdrawal of payment means and replenishment of the deposit. Available assets

The procedure for entering / withdrawing funds can be carried out in different ways, but the specialists who made up the FXCM reviews argue that this is quite enough. Although the broker is much inferior to its competitors in this indicator. In order to replenish the deposit or withdraw money, you can use a plastic card (Mastercard / Visa) or conduct this procedure by bank transfer, Skrill or Union PAY.

The main trading tools of the site, except for currency pairs, are commodities, precious metals and stock indices.

FXCM broker reviews. Why does everybody believe them?

Overview of FXCM broker on Forex

In this article, we bring you a review for FXTM broker. It is a giant company broker that has been around for quite a while now in relation to the rest of the market. It offers traders to trade on Forex, Spread betting and CFDS. Bear in mind, that if you are in the UK these things are TAX-free for you. Also, you can trade commission free on micro CFDs. You can start with just a 50-pound mini account or Demo account. The company has been around since 1999 and has been one of the first ones in the US for the on-line trading.

Regulation and License

FXCM Australia Pty. Limited is the holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence (number 309763)

FXCM UK regulated with the FCA of the United Kingdom. Registration Number 217689.

Trading platforms and account types of the FXCM

When you will just log in to their website and fill out the information, you will have access to those trading platforms:

  • Trading station – one of the oldest and simplest platforms;
  • Metatrader 4 – the well-known and popular platform.

Both of them are available on the web and to download to the computer. Also, you can try to upload them to your tab, cellphone and even trade from the small watch. Alongside those platforms, you will find services such as Ninjatrader – the ability to trade with chosen traders and Compare Platforms, where you can have both platforms and choose the best one for you.

The selection of accounts that FXCM offers is very interesting too:

All three are available on the spread only model. The average spreads on the Mini and Standard accounts are 1.5 and 1.0 on the Active. And also the difference is between the Battings and Leverage of those accounts. The more active you are as a trader, the better deals you get of course.

Learning materials and the analysis

Loads of research from FXCM is available for you to stay on top of the things and be able to see what markets are doing. Including the Economic calendar, the market news, The Market scanner and various charts.

FXCM is also very big and pay attention to the education. Because of course the better the traders, the most likely they would stay with FXCM. Their learning tools are:

  • Video library;
  • Live seminars;
  • Live classroom.

Features and safety of FXCM

The broker offers to trade 24/5, which is basically all the time the market is open. FXCM is regulated across the globe. They are based out of the US, where they are of course regulated. They are also under the regulations of UK FCA and under Australian ASEC.

The broker offers to trade 24/5, which is basically all the time when the market is open. FXCM is regulated across the globe. They are based out of the US, where they are of course regulated. They are also under the regulations of UK FCA and under Australian ASEC.

Their most popular feature is the Trading station platform, that you don’t need to upload, and you can just use it online. They do have an advanced educational program that can be useful for both new traders and the experienced ones.

Besides this, the FXCM is the highly reliable strong and transparent broker that owns so many different Awards that you cannot deny its professionalism. Besides, it is indeed offering a better execution and has competitive pricing. If you are new to trading and looking at the trading with pounds – this will be a good solution as the company offers strong and solid options and good prices for both beginners and traders who are not so new to the market.

FXCM Reviews and User Ratings

FXCM General Information


FXCM Background

FXCM is an online forex broker that provides forex trading services for forex trader using adequate, straightforward, clean and professional trading platforms with a sophisticated interface for the trade forex instruments like commodities, forex, stocks, CFDs, indices, precious metals and other financial assets. Established in the United States, New York in the year 2000, FXCM provides a user-friendly trading website, effective trading tools like technical indicators, charting tools, drawing tools, real-time streaming quotes, and market analysis for its clients. As a regulated forex broker, FXCM engages in providing adequate security of personal information and data with a high level of encryption. There is an availability of an all-round customer service for its client within 24 hours of every trading session, provides an easy deposit and withdrawal option for its clients and provides effective educational tips on how to trade forex more appropriately.



As an online provider of forex trading services, FXCM forex broker provides professional trading platforms for its clients. These platforms come with effective trading features like the availability of a forex trade automation system, 1000 micro lots, pre-loaded forex trading strategies, charting tools, one-click trade execution, custom indicators, and advanced back-testing which amplifies forex trading profits. These trading platforms include trading station, MetaTrader 4, NinjaTrader, and ZuluTrade.


The trading station is an online trading platform that supports web-based, mobile and desktop trading options. This FXCM trading platform provides effective trading tools and a straightforward trading features for both chart traders and regular forex traders, includes the ability to explore multiple trade order types, provides forex traders with real-time prices, includes a wide range of pre-loaded technical indicators that saves trading time, and delivers trading information via email alerts. Characteristics of the trading station include:

  1. Consist of a user friendly interface that was designed to facilitate trading for both expert and beginner traders.
  2. Includes effective charting tools that enable intuitive chart trading across all forex trading instruments.
  3. Provides an automated trade system with custom indicators and gives room for trading strategy backtesting.


MT4 is a forex trading platform made available by FXCM and designed to eliminate 3 rd party bridges and auto synchronization of trading accounts. This unique trading account gives forex traders the ability to set stop loss and take profits while opening a new trade position, provides an effective risk management options by enabling users to trade more precise lot sizes, and offers a system where a forex trader can comfortably control when and how much of a trade position he/she wants to close. Characteristics of a MetaTrader 4 trading platform include:

  1. Ability to accept all forex Expert Advisors including scalping Expert Advisor.
  2. Gives forex traders the ability to trade with a lot size of 0.01 and includes a partial closing of forex trades.
  3. Provides an easy integration with Expert Advisor.
  4. Eliminates the need for a complete reliance on a home computer since it includes a VPS hosting that enhanced trades.


A NinjaTrader is a trading strategy builder which is made available for forex traders that want to develop their personal forex trading strategy but has no custom programming skill and language necessary the generation of one. Aside from the creation of a forex trading strategy, NinjaTrader gives forex traders the ability to backtest every developed strategy with the use of historical data in other to determine their functionality during various market condition. This trading platform includes a C# based NinjaScript designed to enable a point and click method of strategy building and gives forex traders the ability to develop automated trading strategies. Characteristics of NinjaTrader include:

  1. The availability of a market analyzer which is a real-time quote system that provides updates on market conditions and trading opportunities.
  2. Includes a strategy wizard that gives forex traders the ability to build automated forex trading strategies.
  3. Provides a market replay features that offers forex traders the opportunity to replay level 1 data online.


A ZuluTrade is a trading platform that entirely removes emotions from trading and develops suitable forex trading strategies for traders who cannot find time to create one. This trading platform provides users with a copy trade option that gives less experienced traders the ability to subscribe to the signals of more experienced traders. Features of ZuluTrade include:

  1. Provides a copy trade system for the purpose of subscribing to the signals of other traders.
  2. Availability of sorting features that helps forex traders in making a better decision on which signal works best for trades.
  3. Includes risk management tools.


Other than the regular forex trading platforms, FXCM forex broker provides its clients with specialty trading platforms which are third-party platforms with a fully integrated interface for effective trade executions. These specialty trading platforms include:

  1. QuantConnect which provides a comprehensive IDE for algo traders.
  2. MotiveWave which includes an easy to use charting tool.
  3. Algo terminal for an ultimate backtesting and execution of algorithmic trading strategy.
  4. AgenaTrader which is a multi-asset platform designed for professional traders, Sierra Chart a trading platform that supports manual, automated and stimulated trading in the financial market,
  5. SeerTrading which is a trading platform that gives forex traders the ability to build, backtest, optimize and use an automated trading system,
  6. NeuroShell Trader which is a trading platform that includes a point and click interface for the creation of technical indicators, trading system, and neural network forex market forecasts without the need of coding,
  7. StrategyQuant which is an effective forex strategy generation platform that makes use of advanced programming and technical tools to create a novel automated trading system for the forex market timeframe.


As a reliable forex broker, FXCM makes available a system of functionality trial for forex traders. There are a lot of advantages and benefits attached to the use of a demo account. A demo account gives forex traders the ability to test run various trading parameters offered by the forex broker in other to ascertain their functionality. It provides a medium for trading skill amelioration, gives forex traders the opportunity to get familiar with the occurrences and fluctuation of the forex market, enlightens them on the appropriate of trading tools, provides a medium for testing developed trading strategies and gives them control over the financial environment.


There are a good number of regulatory bodies that regulate the activities of FXCM forex broker. These regulatory authorities include NFA (National Futures Association, CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission), FCM (Futures Commission Merchants), and RFED (Retail Foreign Exchange Dealer). These regulatory authorities are the main reason why the forex broker offers a high level of security of trader’s data/information and portrays a greater transparency by providing traders with a segregated account.


This forex broker (FXCM) provides easy and effective deposit and withdrawal options for its traders where most payment medium are either immediate upon request or take 2-3 working days for a complete transaction. Example of these deposit and withdrawal methods include Credit cards, Debit cards, bank wire transfers, ACH, and paper check. Funds are either withdrawn out or deposited into a forex trader’s bank account.


There is a provision of several forex trading manuals, materials, and tutorials made available by FXCM to aid forex traders potentially increase their forex trading competency. Most of these educational manuals are available in eBooks, videos, and tapes, offering general information and insights on what trading the forex market is all about. These trading tips are made available to both experienced and inexperienced forex traders providing guidelines to forex basics, trading platform use and functionality, forex trading strategies, account management and support. The forex broker also provides education through online class and seminar and a video library.


Being a provider of financial trading services, FXCM forex broker engages in the trade of o good number of forex trading instruments like commodities, gold, precious metals. Indices, and CFDs. These instruments are successfully traded with the help of the following trading tools.

This is seen as a very important trading tool that gives forex traders the ability to keep track of essential economic events that could affect forex trading. The calendar provides information on analyzed economic data set against the forex market consensus and the rate of volatility facing potential trade positions.

An FXCM market scanner is used by forex traders in screening instruments like forex and CFDs using various technical indicators of choice.

Live forex charts are effective trading tools used by forex trader to recognize trends and other vital price positions, giving accurate directives on where and when to enter or exit the market.

The use of market data signals helps forex traders in the identification of potential trading opportunities. With this trading tool, traders can stay up to speed on the latest prices of instruments, volume trends, and historical market trends.

Other features of FXCM forex broker include hedging, scalping, trailing stop, web-based trading, pending orders, one-click execution, mobile trading, US traders, automated trading, Islamic account, and segregated account.


In conclusion, FXCM forex broker provides its clients with a wide range trading platforms and trading stations in form of a mobile and web-based trading option. The trading station gives forex traders the ability to backtest generated forex trading strategies against existing historical financial market data in other to improve the result of the strategies. The forex broker provides a resource center for its clients where traders can access various forex trading video, eBooks, seminars and educational tutorials on how to effectively trade the forex market, technical trading topics, and how to make the best use of a trading platform.

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