Method Review The Duomo Initiative

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The Duomo Initiative Reviews

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Write a review

Reviews 42

A very slick setup

A very slick setup. Noe those reviews only done by one person have 5 stars. No one seems to say they have made any money as a result of the course

The Path of Least Resistance.

This course has been extremely detailed and easy to follow. anyone who’s on the fence about taking this course who seriously wants to learn. I highly recommend you do.

Pure Genious !!

Nicholas and his wonderful team managed to square the circle as far as Trading is concerned..

The best course to learn how trade Forex

The best course to learn how trade forex. Nicholas teach you everything that you need to know it doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about the financial markets this course teach you the most important things form the most basic concepts to the most advance techniques in a simple and easy way to learn.

Hey trader.

Hey trader.
I’m approximately 65% through the course and am understanding and enjoying the content (including the humour).
I have been trading outside of these prinicples for close to two years with unfavourable results, using a variation of recommended tools, teachings and all lacking clarity and consistency.
The modules here are concise, focusing on building our knowledge and providing specific tools around the particular area of learning.
I am excited to be at this point of the course and with a genuine understanding of the information so far, I am feeling positive that trading can work for me as I had hoped it would.
Do the course.
Neale Warr (Australia)

Have followed Nick for years..

Have followed Nick for years. chattered directly many times. very very Educational and Honest. I Highly Recommend His Videos to All MY Students. an I have many of them. all over the World.

.. Great Honest Approach. and Teaches from His Mistakes. and Only Want’s to Help Make You a Better Trader.

Good course – but too prolix

Good course, but lots of waffle.

I think the course is good, and wide ranging.

However there are 3 not so good things for me, being:

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners!
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  • Binomo

    Good Broker. Only For Experienced Traders!

1. No explanation of how to use the tools.

2. This appears to be multi-disipline/strategy, as opposed to a focussed way of trading.

3. Lots of talking, but a bit too much prolix for me. Not sure if it’s justifying the fee or what – but most of these videos could be cut down by a good 40%. get rid of the title slides.

Other than that, informative :)

Knowledgeable and thorough

Well documented course with lots of insights. I am astounded by the amount of research and data that’s conveyed in a very exquisitely academic manner.

The Real Deal

Nicholas Puri is the real deal. The course he’s put together and the supporting content and community are amazing. Gone are the days of signal services and nonsensical strategies that I haven’t seen any results from. Through building an understanding of how the market moves and seeing it for myself firsthand I feel both enlightened and empowered with the knowledge that it’s possible to be a consistently profitable trader. I’m not there yet, but I will be. Can’t recommend the course enough. Thanks Nicholas and Co.

I joined this course about 4 months ago…

I joined this course about 4 months ago and I really have seen amazing discoveries in trading and I am progressing soo much faster than if I have had the arrogance of learning by my own, of course it is of smart people to learn from their mistakes but it is even much much smarter if you learn from the mistakes from someone else. I see this as a vehicle towards my goals, if your goal is to get across the other side of the continent, you decide if you want to go for the ride with an old, ugly vehicle that it’s very likely that it’s going to let you down on the middle of the road and not knowing what to do, letting you exactly as you were before or probably even worse! or your other option, to get in that brand new beautiful vehicle, smells great, beautiful driving and that it is pretty much guaranteeing success and an amazing journey! Success is really a decision away! Hope you make the right decision!

Excellent information about the EU

literally the ONLY course that will…

literally the ONLY course that will make you fully understand the forex market.

Better than the other one I took.

So far I like the course. If I can, will try and come back in a years time to review if the strategy works or not.

The Best Forex Training by Far.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Duomo Initiative course. After having completed numerous FOREX trading courses over the years, The Duomo Initiative was the best by far!! The training was logical, well organized, in depth, and easy to understand. The video lessons were super high quality and fun!! I look forward to continuing my learning in the members forum.. I gave the course 5 stars.
Donnie CLARK

This training totally makes sense

This training totally makes sense, everything they teach you is well thought out and based on logic. The course is mainly built of videos which are clear to understand and easy to follow even if English is not your primary language.

great coarse overall

I would absolutely recommend I’ve been trading on and off for a couple years and never truly understood the relevance and proper method/use case of the tools covered in this coarse.

Two months ago I started learning to trade.

Two months ago I started learning to trade. I followed a course that gave me entry rules, but mostly only that. I learned through back testing with these rules, along with the statistical positive approach, that it indeed had a positive outcome. Until I started testing conditionally, I got very bad results. There were many moments when the market moved pots the other way or started to flatten. I wanted to understand why the market does this. Duomo hits the nail on the head and provides with extremely good insight when and why the market uses these actions. It is therefore very satisfactory if you do a correct analysis several times and a potential reversal takes place and you can also substantiate why! That is why I alone am very happy with this course, along with the fact that in my opinion the way each word has a valuable meaning and is therefore the most productive course.
I still have a long way to go in order to become unconsciously able to move around on the market with certainty, but through these insights I have been able to make a major step in a very short time.
Thank you Puri and Cassar

Sorry for the translation: this is a Google translator translation from Dutch to English

Method Review: The Duomo Initiative

The Duomo Initiative and is a new trading method by Nicholas Puri, the director and Co-Founder of PuriCassar AG. This trading course is built to allow traders to take advantage of the same tools and concepts that make for consistent profitable traders at PuriCassar AG.

Today we will be taking a close look at Nicholas Puri, his PuriCassar AG asset management company and this trading course that’s being promoted as “the most defnitive online course you will find out there.”

The Duomo Initiative Review

The sales page goes a long way to legitimizing the Duomo Initiative, or Method but there is still very little information about the trading course online. Despite having a video on YouTube with over 90,000 views, it’s very difficult to find any real testimonials from active clients. The product isn’t discussed informs and as far as we can see this is the first review being completed by a trading blog. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is bad but it does make it very difficult to provide a conclusion without some community feedback.


The Duomo Initiative comes with 15 hours of video lessons and live chart demonstrations. This is the main method of teaching traders the Duomo Method. There is ongoing support and interaction with the trading community, lifetime access and an e-learning platform that allows traders to learn at their own pace.

Nicholas Puri

Today is the first time I’ve come across Nicholas Puri. In doing a search on YouTube I found his video “The Truth About Binary Options.” In this video he is very negative in his opinions about the binary options market. He talks about how many of the companies are making promises that they can’t live up to and this is certainly true. However, he does also mention that he turned $10 into $8,000 in a single day. I find this extremely difficult to believe, and it kind of comes across as hypocritical considering the attacks he made on other binary options developers that do the same thing.

PuriCassar AG

The company behind the Duomo Initiative is PuriCassar AG. Much like Duomo, there seems to be a real lack of real user reviews. This domain for this company was purchased in 2020 and the website has been pretty much the exact same since that time. It’s not very clear how to become a client of this boutique asset management company or what that would even entail. The company is located in Zurich, Switzerland.


At this point, there is still a real shroud of mystery around Nicholas Puri and his Duomo Initiative Method. With the product going for a one-time payment of over $700, we are going to need some real community feedback before we are able to give a positive recommendation. From the outside, PuriCassar AG and the surrounding websites look legitimate but in the binary options market looks can often be quite deceiving. Hopefully this review Garner some attention and we can get more feedback about this course and the method that’s supposed to change our lives.

In the meantime, I recommend that you take a look at some of the best binary options software and signals services that are currently being rated highly by the Binary T oday community. Here you will find tools and strategies that can have you winning trades in under an hour. Thanks for stopping by and please leave comments with your feedback on this training course, or any other.

The Duomo Initiative: Snake oil?

The Duomo Initiative/PuriCassar


Yet another trading educator offering ‘social proof’ of success, but no actual record of live trading. A trading and investment course by a couple of characters that proclaim to be highly successful prop traders/investment managers/financial wizards with a secret-sauce formula of trading. For a small fee of only $850 they will reveal the supposedly groundbreaking investment theory.

They proclaim to be wanting to help single moms, and ordinary people to become filthy-filthy rich. Claim to be Swiss-based asset managers, but Swiss financial authorities have no record of their existence.

Pure marketing sizzle, but not much steak.

Thanks for reading today’s review of The Duomo Initiative. What is The Duomo Initiative? The company is a trading educational company offering an online trading course at $895. The company is owned by two individuals named Alexander Cassar and Nicholas Puri. The company appears to have arrived on the trading educational scene sometime in 2020.

In addition to the trading educational course, the Duomo Initiative claims to be a subsidiary of a Swiss-based money management company named A web search reveals that also arrived on the scene, at about the same time as the trading educational company The Duomo Initiative.

The company front person and chief entertainer is Nicholas Puri. In several promotional videos, Nicholas claims that he has been a highly successful London private banker and “earned a massive salary managing money for celebrities and professional athletes.” Nicholas also claims to have managed money through the supposed money management firm, PuriCassar AG. In fact, he loves to purr and eloquent about the many successes of his supposed money management firm, PuriCassarAG. One such claim is that he “turned $50k into $500k in only 6 weeks.”

However, TradingSchools.Org contacted, which is the Swiss Financial Authority and in charge of regulating all companies claiming to be Swiss-based asset management companies. Unfortunately, there is no registration for a money management firm named In addition, neither Nicholas Puri or Alexander Cassar are registered with Finma as financial advisors or money managers in any capacity. Finma replied to our telephone inquiry by simply stating, “if they are managing money in Switzerland, then they must be registered, and neither individuals of this supposed company is registered.”

The Finma representative explained that many individuals claim to be a Swiss-based money management company, or Swiss-based hedge fund because it simply sounds nice. The imagery of “Swiss Money Managment, Swiss Hedge Fund, Swiss Banks has the effect of conjuring images of safety and security” replied the Finma rep. The Finma rep also recommended that I contact the Swiss Funds and Asset Management Association and inquire if they are registered, or if anyone has heard of this supposed Swiss money management company.

The Swiss Funds and Asset Management Association replied that they had no record of these individuals or their companies.

What is probably happening

On the surface, it appears that is simply a ‘front’ website. That it has no purpose or intent of actually managing investment funds for anyone. In fact, TradingSchools.Org sent multiple inquiries to and requested information on the fund, how to invest, fund performance, etc. Unfortunately, PuriCassar AG refused to reply to our requests. However, all TradingSchools.Org email links are embedded with real time auto tracking, and so we could see and observe someone opening the emails and then simply deleting the emails. They had no intention of answering.

In addition, TradingSchools.Org sent several anonymous emails to and acted as if we were customers that simply needed to withdraw funds from our investment account. Once again, no reply. The emails were opened and promptly deleted. I find it very strange that a supposed Swiss-based money management firm would choose to simply ignore all inquiries. This supposed company doesnt even have a phone number.

Am I writing that is some nefarious scheme to defraud investors and trick people? No. But it certainly appears that The Duomo Initiative is using the backdrop of ‘Swiss-based money management’ as a show prop. A shiny trinket. Something that conveys the appearance of success. The equivalent of this marketing method would be Tim Sykes’ orange Lamborghini, or Anton Kreil with a picture of his supposed rocket ship (true story) that he plans on taking to the moon, or Cameron Fous (douche bag) with pics of his many bikini model girlfriends and private yachts.

Learn my day trading secrets and hot babes will be wearing your name on their underwear.

It seems as if trading educators only seem to get more and more outrageous and outlandish in their claims of success. Several years ago, most trading educators had only one Bentley, now most have a fleet of Bentley’s, Porche’s, Mercedes, Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s. Heck, even Nicholas Puri has his own Maserati to show off…

Buy my trading course and you will soon own a new Maserati.

In my opinion, it appears that The Duomo Initiative and PuriCassar is quite simply a marketing entity. With its only purpose to sell a recorded trading educational course at $850 per person. Actual investment companies do not spend their time pumping out massive amounts of promotional videos and sales propaganda. The following websites are a testament to the marketing savvy…

The following video is also 100% promotional huff-puffery. I especially love the part where Nicholas Puri explains that one of his biggest motivations is “helping single mom’s.” What in the hell is that all about? And I love the part where they discovered a “secret trading method” that only the rich and famous have had access too. But us lolely folks on the bottom of the food chain can now be privy to these super-secret trading methods. Have a look at the video, its pure entertainment.

If you took the time to watch this video, you are probably feeling like you just took a bath in snake oil. But what if PuriCassar and The Duomo Initiative really do have a ‘super-secret’ trading method and they really do want everyone to become ‘filthy-filthy rich’ as they claim in their video?

TradingSchools.Org reached out to The Duomo Initiative and asked for some sort of proof of their amazing trading success. However, no response.

Wrapping things up

Although this review is negative towards the materials and marketing, it is important to note that the overall marketing is excellent. And I found the various YouTube video to be both informative and highly entertaining. But is this enough for me to pull out my credit card for yet another trading educator? Not a chance.

The only way that I would spend my hard earned money is if either of these clowns were to show some sort of proof of prior success. At this time, they are not willing to entertain this idea. Perhaps in the future, we can get a new review written, but it needs to be accompanied with an actual trading record for either Nicholas Puri or Alexander Cassar.

Thanks for reading and watching the corny video. As always, your comments and opinions are greatly appreciated.

And one last thing, a special message for Nicholas Puri, if things don’t work out with The Duomo Initiative, you can always go back to your old day job selling books and courses at Your Success Academy. Leave the business of trading and investing up to the professionals, or at least those with a verifiable track record of success.

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