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Recycled Review: Rio Profits

Today I’m looking at a rebrand of an old binary options system that promises $237 per hourk, Rio Profits. If you feel like you’ve seen this website before, it’s probably because you have. This product is a clear rebrand of an older trading system that I’ve previously reviewed. From the outset of this review, it’s clear to me that this is not going to be very positive, so shield your eyes if you have to.

The location of the vendor is obviously not provided, but email support is available through [email protected] For every single binary options system review I’ve ever written, and an in-depth ranking table go here .

Rio Profits Review

It’s very common in the binary options market for product developers to rebrand and re-market the exact same trading system over and over again. Sadly, this is exactly what we are dealing with today when reviewing the Rio Profits software. This exact sales page and trading product was released in promoted under the name Tesler App in December 2020. The entire page is a carbon copy. All they do is replace the words Tesler App with Rio Profits in each of the testimonials, and features sections.

There is really very little else to say.

This development team is clearly grasping at straws and trying to benefit from a trading software that they know doesn’t even work. It’s really quite a shame that we still have marketers like this in the binary options market. This market has gone through a lot and every time it seems to be turning the corner, a new review website pops up or auto trading system comes available that shakes the confidence of the entire marketplace.

Rio Promises

On both websites, there is a section the claims each system delivers promises. Here are the promises that they won’t be able to fulfill.

  • Perfect for 100% Beginners or Pros
  • Game changing “Lead Pattern” Algorithm
  • Generates $5000 per day per user Guaranteed
  • Runs on any device, installs in just 2 minutes

None of these promises will come true. They also claim that the application is available on the Apple App Store and Google play. This is also erroneous.


I really don’t want to spend much time on the Rio Profits software because it’s a waste of both my time and yours. This is clearly a binary options trading system that we cannot trust. It’s extremely clear why vendors like these don’t put their names on their products, because then we would know to avoid them all.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your comments and questions below the article now. The binary today community thrives on user contributions so please feel free to help us help the community. Right now I’m working on doing some live trades with a couple legitimate trading systems and videoing the entire process. So, look forward to that in the next coming days and please send me an email if you ever need any help.

Rio profits Review

Product Name: Rio profits

Created By: Andrew Reynolds

Official Website: CLICK HERE

Are you willing to make more money in a few days? Can you imagine the potential benefits to be made if you are trading throughout the week? How would you like to be paid $ 4,250 in the morning just for participating in a 3-minute survey explained at the end of this review? Rio profits is a piece of money making software that the author had invested over 1.2 million in and over 18 months of his life. Anyone who takes this decision to trade with the right tools will make millions quickly. The only thing you need to do once you have downloaded the software is set to trade. This system had already registered with 15 people as well as followed the simple steps in less than 3 minutes. It will give you at least $ 4,250 a day for your life. It gives you $ 4,250 in your checking account, ready to spend tomorrow morning just to help you with a short survey of 3 minutes.

What are the Rio Profits?

Rio Profits is an intelligent trading software designed for each people driven with an automatic intelligence algorithm that never fails to learn from their historical trades to improve results. It is a smart trading software powered by automatic intelligence algorithm that never fails to learn from your data and improve results. This system requires no effort on your part apart from downloading the Rio Profits software and configuring it to operate. The master trading account divides the gain with you in increments of $ 4,250 each day. The Rio Profits team will prepare you to win $ 4,250 in the morning. The software does it all on a 100% full autopilot so there is no room for human error. It is mathematically impossible for Rio Profits to lose a trade. It can not happen, it negotiates, it wins, it’s that simple. You start it in the morning with just one click and start auto trading for you. The next day you receive the $ 4,250 that earns transactions in your checking account.

The 4 Key Reasons That Rio Profits Had Never Lose A Trade Before:

  • Bare Metal Performance- All commercial decisions are made on the bare metal servers scattered all over the world, which are ten times faster than the servers in the public cloud. In other words, these servers allow the trading software for small sports trading conditions to trade 17 millionths of a second faster than Wall Street. Make the difference between winning and losing.
  • High Performance Connectivity- The super fast fiber global network offers low latency low capacity broadband connectivity at any location. It gives you super fast winning transactions no matter where you are in the world.
  • Application Expertise- The technical support team will not only set up and monitor your trading software to get you started. They also monitor you every hour to make sure you can never fail to make sure you will never lose. In other words, your autopilot operations are overseen by the 24/7 Application Expert Team.
  • Wholly Owned Infrastructure- Full end-to-end ownership of the vast infrastructure ensures quick responses to markets. 100% of each component in the commercial empire. Nothing is outsourced here by galvanizing more the trading platform to never lose a trade.

How Does Rio Profits Software Deliver Consistent Profits & Never Lose A Trade?

Rio Profits software is 100% legal, it is also 100% ethical. It honors all trades within the trading guidelines of financial authorities. That’s what makes it different from all the scammy trading software out there that never work and only cost the user more and more money over and over again. Rio Benefits is so simple to use even if you’ve never traded before because you simply set it up for trading. You just turn it on every morning and select the trade that is all. All you have to leave the software set to trade and re-check in a few moments. The next morning you will be making $ 4,250. It is really so simple and will do exactly the same for you, in fact, it is so hands-free that you do not even need to know how it works.

Rio Profits software has also incorporated a key feature called Rapid Counter Measure or RCM. The RCM is a patented trading program that analyzes billions of available market 1 millionth of a second before its final trade is placed. You can not lose money. So the RCM is a guarantee of support that software can not lose a single cent in a trade. It is mathematically impossible for you to lose even a penny. You need nothing more than a computer or mobile phones and an internet connection to start making money today. You do not need any experience or formal education. The next day, it just repeats and comes and goes. There is no other software on the planet that even comes close to patent pending Rio profits. Rio Trader Software works in such a way that it has never lost a trade.


  • You can receive your $ 4,250 canceled on your checking account tomorrow morning.
  • Everything you need to download with a single click configures it to operate with a single click that is the only thing you have to do. It’s easier than opening an email.
  • Unlike any other profitable business, you can start financing your trading account with as little as $ 300. The more you invest, the faster your profits will go.
  • You can be sure in the knowledge that you will never have to worry about money ever again.
  • You get it for free today, as long as you’re happy to complete the 3-minute survey in about 60 days from now.
  • You can download the software shortly and start benefiting from it all tomorrow prepared for you by the team.
  • It really helps you get started today so you get $ 4,250 in your checking account tomorrow and then every day.
  • Without an internet connection, you cannot access this system.
  • If you don’t follow the instructions correctly, you may get some other problems to achieve the desired results.

Overall, it’s the last little decision you’ll ever have to make to change your life forever. A simple decision has the power to change everything in fact what each of your dreams, will become a very soon to be a reality for the end. You can take part in the current $ 4,250 per day where the Rio Dream Maker Survey is 100% free. All made at least $ 4,250 for this morning is paid and is already cleared in your checking account. Return for your benefits of $ 4,250 per day is to complete the survey in about 60 days. So you get 100% of your winning trades, get 100% of the riders. This system goal is to make you as much money as possible, as soon as possible starting now.

It is 100% legal and ethical where the average member of Rio Trader makes $ 4,250 paid benefits every day. Feel safe knowing that the software system that is about to gain full access is tested, improved and monitored hourly by the expert team. You do not need to pay a dime to have full access to your Rio Trader Software. This is the best decision you have ever made that will change your life for the better. You have nothing to lose here.

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About me:

Hi! I am Samuel, creator of this site.

I created this website to express my opinion on digital products and help people make an informed decision before they buy anything.

Because there are so many scams on the internet nowadays, its really difficult to know what actually works.

I’ve cut through all the hype and revealed the facts that will help you decide whether this product is right for you or not.

Feel free to go through my website and get to know more about it. If you have any questions, please go to the contact page.

The Rio Profits Scam Review – Guess Where It Leads? Unbelievable.

“If you can see yourself never having to work ever again, by this time next week, you have just stumbled into paradise, my friend.” – Andrew Reynolds, the founder of the Rio Profits Software.

Who else wants to stumble into paradise?

Hey, wait! Is the Rio Profits system that paradise?

Unfortunately, it is far from paradise, and I am going to show it to you in the Rio Profits Scam Review below.

But let’s dig right into the details.

[Sidebar: If you are not interested in scams, check out THIS instead! You’re going to like this.]

Quick Review

Name: Rio Profits / Rio Profits Software / Rio Dream Maker Software / Rio Trader Software
Rio Profits login page:
Niche: Binary Options trading
Price: $250 (Minimum required deposit)
Alleged Founder: Andrew Reynolds
Skill level: Beginner (wrong claim)
My Overall Rank: 0 out of 10
Verdict: Rio Profits Software is a scam and typical rip off scheme. Stay away!

Better ALTERNATIVE to the Rio Profits That Will Help You Make $1200+ a month Online. And these testimonials are proof.

Why not give a whirl right now? You’re certainly not committed to anything.

Full Review – The Rio Profits Scam Review

Who Is Andrew Reynolds?

The story of Andrew Reynolds and his “Rio Profits Software” is another Cinderella style of a fairy tale of a poor fellow who suddenly became a millionaire.

Andrew Reynolds, the alleged founder of the Rio Profits trading software.

Long story short, young Andrew grew up in Chicago. His parents were unemployed, and Andrew himself pretty much uneducated. That’s why working in fast food restaurants was his only legit way to survive.

When Andrew became 19, he moved over to New York, where he became a janitor in Goldman Sachs. And, as you might already suspect, there he befriended with the top-notch Wall Street shark Alexandro Mendez (fake character) who taught him to trade.

In his first year of trading, Andrew had already made over $1.7 million.

What is the Rio Profits Software?

Rio Profits Software (or Rio Dream Maker Software) is a binary options trading robot that has both manual and full autopilot modes.

How is Rio Profits software different from other binary options trading bots?

Well, according to Andrew Reynolds, his software has quite a few unique features. For example, his software has a 100% winning rate, and therefore you will never lose money by trading with it.

To be honest, claims like these are so ridiculous that I don’t want to waste my time on crap like that.

How to Make Money With the Rio Profits Software?

Again, if you believe Andrew Reynolds, it’s easier than opening an email. No effort required on your part other than download the Rio Trader Software and to set it to ‘trade.’

The Rio Profits has (built-in) 100% autopilot mode, which does all the trading for you. And because it has a 100% winning rate, you will never lose a trade.

Amazing, isn’t it?

However, because the opportunity lasts only two days (yesterday and today), you must hurry and act immediately.

Waitaminute! Don’t hurry to sign up yet. There’s more to come. Please keep reading, and I will show you exactly what an ugly rip off scheme it is.

WHY Does Andrew Reynolds Do It?

There are two primary reasons for this:

  1. Andrew Reynolds makes money when you make money. For example, each and every time that you will make $4250, he too makes $4250.
  2. Andrew Reynolds wants to give back to the world.

Honestly, there is only one thing that is true in these two statements. And it is, “Andrew Reynolds makes money.”

As you will see below, he makes money when you lose money. That’s how these rip-off schemes work. Andrew’s money comes from your pockets (More about that in a minute).

If you can write, here is an amazing opportunity on how you, by writing, can create your own passive income stream online (which will serve you for years).

Don’t wait for the right moment to take the bull by the horns. It never arrives. Start whenever. Now.

What Is the Rio Dream Maker Survey?

According to Andrew Reynolds, his Rio Dream Maker Survey is, in fact, a narrow time frame (two days only) where 15 people per day over two days can sign up and get the Rio Profits Software for free.

The software would generate at least $4,250 a day for these selected 30 people.

However, because Andrew Reynolds gives his Rio Profits for free, he asks you to provide some anonymous feedback. It means they ask you to fill a simple 3-minute long survey at the end of your 60 days test run. But you should fill the survey only if, by the end of your 60-day test run, the software has made you at least $250,000.

The questions in the Rio Dream Maker Survey will be something like these:

  • How easy was it to download the software?
  • How easy was it to set to “trade?”
  • How our promise to pay you $4,250 a day turned out
  • etc.

Plus, they ask you to provide a two-paragraph long testimonial about Rio Profits Software.

Rio Profits Promises

  1. The software will make you up to $237 per hour
  2. $4250 every day for life
  3. You will get your first $4250 by tomorrow morning
  4. You will never have to work again
  5. You will never have to worry about money ever again
  6. The software is 100% free
  7. The software is yours to keep
  8. 100% autopilot mode
  9. 100% winning rate
  10. With Rio Profits, you cannot possibly ever lose money
  11. No credit card required
  12. Andrew Reynold does not ask your money

These promises, if true, are nothing short of a miracle, do you agree?

The question is – are these true. As I will show you below, mostly, these promises are nothing but a bunch of hot air. Or, as it says, “Too good to be true.”

Anyway, now that you know what the program claims to be, who the alleged founder is, and what he promises to you, I am going to rip the whole thing apart. I am going to prove that Rio Profits Software is a scam – designed to turn you into a milking cow (that must be milked to the last drop before disposing).

7 Proofs That Rio Profits Is a Scam

Red Flag #1: Bogus Andrew Reynolds

I have reviewed quite many binary options scams, and these scams always follow the same pattern. The shadow-figures behind the scene don’t reveal their true identity. They only thing they give you are some fake characters played by actors (like this Andrew Reynolds here).

I’ve researched the Internet and could not find any traces of that Wall Street shark called Andrew Reynolds. Neither could I find any traces of his mentor Alexandro Mendez (allegedly a way more prominent name in Wall Street).

Like Jeku Pertu, Todd Salerno, Michael Watson, Mark Bromovich, Timothy Hollingdale, and many others fake founders of Binary Options trading software, Andrew Reynolds is bogus as well.

Red Flag #2: Rio Profits is a Clone of Tesler App

According to Whois, Tesler App has a bit older website:

So you see, Tesler App is somewhat older of the two. Other than that, they are pretty much identical.

Here’s the home page of Rio Profits:

And here the homepage of Tesler App:

Their narratives and alleged founders are different, but these two websites are identical.

Which brings me to the next red flag:

Red Flag #3: Fake Testimonials

As always with such scams, the testimonials are faked as well (And both, Rio Profits and Tesler App have the same testimonials):

You can find just exactly the same set of testimonials (names, profits, images, etc.) from Rio Profits and Tesler App’s websites. Ridiculous.

Let me show that they’re fake. First, let’s take the very first image (pictured above – the young lady with glasses). This image is taken from the Longevity Photography blog. It has nothing to do with Rio Profits (or Tesler).

Second, see this:

This testimonial is on the Rio Profits website. That Steven, however, is the alleged founder of Tesler App. They forgot to change it.

Steven Abrahams is a fake character and an alleged founder of Tesler App, not Rio Profits.

Red Flag #4: False Sense of Urgency

If so, what about this:

You can find Rio Profits video on Youtube. It was uploaded on May 17, 2020. Thus, it’s like every day is the last day.

These con-artists are lying through their teeth.

Red Flag #5: No Rio Profits App for Mobile Devices

Look at the image below (found in the Rio Profits sales page):

  1. The image is freely downloadable from here.
  2. After clicking on the AppStore or GooglePlay buttons, you will be sent to the Rio Profits signup page.

Verdict: Plain lie.

Red Flag #6: ‘100% Winning Rate’ and ‘You cannot ever lose money.’

That’s what Andrew Reynolds claims:

Next, see what their Risk Disclaimer says:

See! Who’s lying here?

Red Flag #7: No Credit Card Required

The 100% free software is just a bite – designed to lure you into subscribing with them. However, if you did not know, the free binary options trading robot is not enough to start trading.

First, you need to open a trading account with some Binary Options broker. Second, you must fund that account so that the robot could start trading.

It means, while they give you the software for free, you still need to invest your hard-earned cash:

The required minimum amount is $250. However, once you have done that, expect to pay way bigger sums.

Why? Because that’s how these online criminals fill their coffers – by milking unaware day traders. Yes, you are going to pay them until it hurts.

And the broker – no, they are not regulated, honest-to-God brokers. Instead, they are some shady, unregulated offshore brokers, which means that 1) you cannot withdraw your deposits, and 2) you have no-one to file a complaint either.

Final Verdict

As you can see above, the Rio Profits Software (or Rio Dream Maker Software) is nothing but lies, lies, and more lies. Therefore,

…Here’s my final verdict: The Rio Profits system is nothing but a dirty online SCAM! Designed to rip you off. Stay away.

Imagine for looking for legit work-from-home opportunities and finding THIS when you go inside… WOW

Why not make it the very next thing you do?

What About You?

Now that you have read the Rio Profits Scam Review, what do you think about it? Is the Rio Profits a scam or legit?

Please leave your thoughts into the comment section below.

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