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Traders Revenge Software Is Scam!! Don’t Waste Money

If you’re reading this review, then it is confirmed that you want to make money using binary options and come to know that Traders Revenge will help you in achieving your money making goals.

In case, if you’re thinking the same thing, then we would like to inform you that it Traders Revenge is just another SCAM, and you will not earn a single dollar using it.

One of our reader drops us a message with question i.e. Can I invest in Traders Revenge trading software? To answer this question, we decided to perform a broad examination of this trading software so that we would able to share all the things he wants to know about Traders Revenge.

After completing our research, we come to know that Traders Revenge is not a genuine trading software. Even in upcoming lines, you will check all the reason, why we’re calling it a SCAM, but first it is vital to know a little about Traders Revenge.

So without wasting no time, why don’t you start reading our review:

About Traders Revenge (Things claimed in the video)

It is recently launched super sophisticated binary options trading software that guarantees you $13,500 in just 30 days and is created by Ryan Jackson. He is one of those traders who scammed again and again while using bogus binary options software and none of them work for him.

So the aim of setting up this unique trading software is to take revenge from other auto robots which forced traders to lose their money. For that, a Russian hacker named as Vladimir will hack their trading software algorithm which forces them to lose, and provide members of Traders Revenge a win. So that all the users take their money back which these fake trading software have stolen from them in the form of SCAM.

In last six month, he has helped lots of users in making thousands and now with this trading software he wants to give a chance to 100 users to earn money for free, and in return, he wants you to share the name of the trading software guys who scammed you in the past.

No doubt, he provided the variety of reasons for calling Traders Revenge a genuine auto trader, but the truth is it a SCAM and following proofs will confirm our this statement.

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Proofs to Prove Traders Revenge a SCAM

Demonstration Provided by Alleged Ryan Jackson Doesn’t Make Sense

If you have checked the complete demonstration provided by Ryan, then you will not notice that everything he is sharing about his trading software doesn’t make any sense. Even the way he explained how Traders Revenge trading software would steal the money doesn’t make any sense.

$10,000 to $20,000 a day is Not Possible, but $3000 to $6000 a week is also not Possible

According to Ryan, it is not feasible to earn $10k to $20k a day using binary options. Now this is correct, but it is also true that you can’t make $3000 to $6000 a week using binary options too. Especially when you’re starting trading with an initial payment of just $250.

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So this confirms that this software is just another SCAM.

Last Six Month Helped 125 Members in Earning $62,482 to $173,524 a Month

In the video, Ryan mentioned that using Traders Revenge trading software he helped 125 users in making $62,482 to $173,525. Now this statement is fake and doesn’t make sense. It is because we have checked the website domain registration details and comes to know that the domain was purchased on 8 April 2020. Now if this tool was publicly available from 3-4 months, then using which trading software Ryan 125 users helped in earning this much amount?

You can check the following screenshot as a proofs

So this point confirms that Ryan is using fraudulent profit statement just to influence more innocent traders.

Vladimir Russian Programmer

We have searched for him all over the web, and we didn’t found anything about him on the internet. If he is a programmer or hacker, then he must exist on the web, he is not available. Now this confirms that Ryan is telling the fake story of a pirate with us, and the image is also false.

The software is based on Hacked Algorithm, then how it is 100% legit?

In the presentation, Ryan mentioned that Traders Revenge trading software algorithm is based on Hacked Algorithm. Now if this is the case, then how this type of work is 100% legit.

Hacking someone else data is not genuine or legit in any manner.

Ryan Jackson is a paid Actor

Ryan Jackson is the owner of Traders revenge software, and he lives in Los Angeles, California. Now this is the only information he provided about himself. We have searched about him on the web and didn’t found the single social profile of him on the internet. Now if he just an ordinary guy like us and not a paid actor, then he must be available on the Twitter or Facebook, but he is not.

So this confirms that Ryan Jackson is the fake name used by the scammer who created this whole setup.

Not Provided Sufficient Knowledge how Traders Revenge trading software works

In presentation video of 15 minutes, alleged Ryan didn’t share much about How secure this trading software is? How this software works? What things the software trade? How much winning rate this software provide?

There are lots of incomplete and misleading information shared by him in the video. By that, we can call this trading software a SCAM.

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We have no doubt in our mind that Traders Revenge is one of the worst trading software scam and everything shared by the Ryan about his trading software is a complete lie or misleading information. Even we have provided you sufficient proofs to clear our point. You can find many similar scams on our blacklisted binary options signals page.

So it is highly recommended to stay away from it. Head over to our Recommended signals to get list of trusted systems which really works.

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Traders Revenge is the latest binary options robot that claims to be able to earn its members as much as $13,500 per month. The idea behind this robot and the name is that its creators want you to get back against those scammers by using their proprietary algorithm developed by a Russian hacker named Vladimir who reverse engineered the scammers’ systems themselves to make one that actually worked. So is Traders Revenge a legitimate robot, a scam, or a B-movie plot? See the answer below!

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: 85%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations

  • Free entertainment
  • No actual proof provided, just fake claims and testimonials
  • No real information at all provided

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable Service

What is Traders Revenge Robot?

Let’s make one thing clear right away: Traders Revenge is just another binary options robot scam; just another one among many. However, we do have to give them credit for their somewhat innovative reverse psychology marketing message. You see, according to their promotional video, which you can watch here, the creator of the system, a Mr. Ryan Jackson, who begins by assuring us that he is most assuredly NOT an actor, tells us how he was scammed by the various binary options robots and lost $7,000. He then found a Russian hacker named Vladimir on and in return for 50% of the profits, they created a system together and Ryan managed to generate $1,376,354.04 in 24 months, which he split 50/50 with his new best friend Vladimir. And because he’s only doing this to get revenge on those scammers, he’s giving away the software completely free! What a swell guy!

The video, which we recommend watching solely for entertainment purposes, also mentions that Ryan used to be a Starbucks manager earning $35,000 a year while Vladimir was a freelancer earning $1,000 per month living in his parents’ basement (note: houses in Russia don’t have basements!). For further hilarity, Ryan also later claims that his grandfather instilled in him the quote ‘Victory or Death’ which young Ryan took to heart after his grandfather died at the young age of 57. We could not make this stuff up if we tried folks, but evidently these scammers can.

So, if you have watched the promotional video, you may be asking, what proof do we have that Traders Revenge is a scam? First, let’s notice the fact that in the entire video, which is over 15 minutes long, there is absolutely no explanation as to how their software actually works, or even any live trading demonstrations (not that those are to be believed of course, those are typically altered demo accounts). In this case, the scammers seemed more focused on Ryan’s backstory and narrative, which we admit makes for an entertaining watch.

So how about Ryan and his friend Vladimir? Are they who they say they really are? Well, as is the case with many scams, Ryan is nothing but a paid actor hired from Fiverr, while Vladimir is just a generic name assigned to a stolen image. Take a look at the proof below.

How Does It Work?

Again, as with many of these free robots, these scammers make money via affiliate commissions from their binary options broker when you fund your account with them. This is by the way the exact same way that ‘Ryan Jackson’ claimed to have been scammed in the beginning of the video; these scammers are so arrogant that they even tell you upfront how they intend to scam you! Don’t get us wrong, there probably is an automated trading software when you sign up, it’s highly likely to be just a generic white label software; its effectiveness is irrelevant as the scammers already make money at the point of you funding your broker account.


Traders Revenge is just another generic binary options robot scam and despite its interesting narrative twist, the only revenge you will be exacting by signing up with this system is the revenge on your own wallet. Stay away from this one.

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