Zoomtrader 2020 traders’ review – Is it SCAM or yes

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  • Do not ever trade with this broker

Broker Zoomtrader has never been one of my favourite brokers. This is because of its poor image based on what I have heard from other traders. To see how much this is true we have made a hard test and this review will explain everything. First of all, Zoomtrader has received numerous penalties from relevant authorities. The CSOB report 2020 says that the company was prohibited to take on new traders from the Czech Republic, which the broker continues to do. All what they did was deleting Czech from among the languages and that’s it.

In early 2020 Zoomtrader received penalty from CySEC worth $15.000 for offering binary options trading to Europeans without having a valid license. All brokers based in Cyprus are subject to regulation i.e. are supposed to play fair. But “playing fair” is obviously something these guys dislike. What they like is to cheat and steal money from people. To make it possible they have moved their offices to the Caribbean, where they do not need any CySEC regulations.

Zoomtrader CySEC, CNB and further regulations

A false registration with CNB

Despite exhibiting lists containing various regulatory authorities (source) at Zoomtrader’s web site, it’s all only pretension. In reality, neither Zoomtrader nor their partner firm Zoompartners Ltd. is subject to any of the regulations.

Click on the item displayed next to the Czech national flag and you will get to the web site (picture on the right-hand side). Nice words in the documents about regulation vastly differ from the reality. The trick is in the fact that the regulated entity is not Zoomtrader, but a company whose name is Novox Capital Ltd.

After a small research and surfing over the internet, we found out that this company has nothing to do with zoomtrader. It only provides brokers of OptionBIT and OptionXP, similarly infamous for their dishonest practices.

Zoomtrader’s fraud penalised

Last year this scam broker was fined by CySEC $15.000 because of not being licensed by this regulator.

According to the legislature, binary options trading is only allowed to brokers licensed by CySEC. Zoompartners Ltd. got out of the mess with minimum impact (…given that the top limit for such violation is twenty times bigger i.e. $350.000).

Since its foundation in 2020 the company has received an incalculable number of penalties, (…literarily incalculable so I cannot tell you any figure).

Experience with this broker

Since the early stages of my experience with binary options the only positive feedback about this broker I have ever heard came from a young lady swearing that she was making thousands of CZK with Zoomtrader.

This is extremely suspicious and it rather looks like a fake. It’s because the lady shortly after that published her zoomtrader sponsor code used for being paid by zoomtrader. Therefore we believe that she was one of the Marketing employees publishing her testimonial at the time of attracting Czech clients.

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It is not a rare phenomenon on the internet to see an article or comment which describes a story of brokers suspending or totally stopping refunds to traders. Practices such as 60 second options expiring after 100 seconds, nearly a double, or manipulation with prices upon expiry are nothing exceptional, either.

Zoomtrader bonus

Another unfair practice of Zoomtrader is the behaviour toward clients who deposit their money. Saying this, we mean the adding of unwanted bonuses. Mainly because, the client is forced to trade a certain amount before allowed to withdraw it. The majority of these amounts is exorbitant.

Exorbitant fees were behind CySEC decision in early 2020 to impose a ban on brokers to offer any bonuses. Automatic assignment of bonuses was qualified as unacceptable. Yet, our broker does not care and escapes unhurt.

Your experience with Zoomtrader

Have you ever made trades with Zoomtrader? What is your experience? Do not hesitate to write us in section Comments so that we all can see what this broker is like. Thank you!

Zoomtrader Cons

  • Do not ever trade with this broker

Zoomtrader – Review author

More about the author Step

I’ve wanted to build a business of some kind and earn money since I was in middle school. I wasn’t very successful though until my senior year in highschool, when I finally started to think about doing online business. Nowadays I profitably trade binary options full-time and thus gladly share my experiences with you. More posts by this author

Zoomtrader Details

✅ Broker Zoomtrader
✅ Website URL www.zoomtrader.com
✅ Languages English
✅ Minimum 1st Deposit $ 200
✅ Free Demo Account
✅ US Traders Allowed
✅ Overall Score We don’t recommend trading with this broker.

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12 Responses to “Zoomtrader”

I lost a lot of money to GTOptions and 2 other ICO scams then I tried hiring a lawyer but ended up losing even more money. Anyway, I was able to recover my funds using other means. I do hope my experience will give folks more insight into getting their funds back.

Hello, you should really be aware of these scams. We recommend you to read our articles about binary options scams. So you are not gonna lose your money again.

this is an company with very big cheaters.
don’t work with them. you will loose your money

Hello, this company doesn’t have a good reputation and many people get scammed by them, that’s right.

not spoke to them but binary robot 365, binary crypto robot, trade invest 90 are all scammers, the credit crd processors celtic pay ltd and hithcliff and ilegally claiming to process creditcard payments, they are both owned by bulgarians and although have registered office in the uk they have no office or person in the uk so they are fake too. roger stuart poppleton was a director of hithcliff ltd but he is also a scammer an has been a director of over 300 companies, investigated by the insolvency service and all by the police at the moment

zoomtrader scammed me out of 15000 euros of my own money 15000 proffitt. when i told them i couldn’t invest any more, they asked me to get a loan of 25,000, when i told them icouldn’t get it even though i didn’t try, they called me on the Monday and gave me a trade of 5000 units of ltc/usd which when clicked buy went to minus 30,000 euros they disconnected the all and crashed the websire. When it came back i had lost all but 1400 euros, i looked at time of open an close of trade and they were exactly the same, what real broker gives you a trade like that? they new my balance and new 5000 units would equal total of all my money. I got no e-mail answer when realised i had been scammed only phone calls claiming it wasn’t a scam, i am not stupid they tried to get me only to lose the last 1400 euros, kept phoneing, they scammed me as i told them i had mental health issues, binary robot 365 connected me to zoomtrader and they are scammers too according to UK FCA regulator. be warned

Thanks for your Review Mark.. Did you try contacting the binary options fraud refund company?

yes, this is correct and true

I put my money into BinaryRobot365 and they passed my details to Zoomtrader, so i wouldnt trust any of them.
They are all a scam, keep your money in the bank, its the safest place!


(thebitcoincode.com, thebitcoincode.com/app and zoomtrader.com)

My bad experience with Thebitcoincode / Zoomtrader and this hidden SCAM:

After registration with Bitcoin Code and payment of an initial capital as requested to
their Cashier Zoomtrader England one has to select between “autotrading” and “manual trading”.
I selected “manual trading”. Then Bitcoin Code switched automatically to Zoomtrader as their
Broker (same software!).
Then a person called me in Skype as “Trading-Consultant” of Zoomtrader. He started immediately
the first 5 tradings with me. Not mentioning anything about their “Bonus”-TRAP as per their
Rules and Regulations.

With the first trading one is accepting automatically (TRAP!) the Rules and Conditions of Zoomtrader, especially paragraphs 2., 18., 19., 21. and 43.
Paragraph 2: By creating an account and using Zoomtrader’s website you automatically are accepting their Terms&Conditions!
Zoomtrader is applying at their sole discretion a Bonus of the same amount as you paid
as additional working capital, without informing you.
According to the paragraph 19. “Withdrawal Conditions”, contained in the Terms and Conditions,
the next BIG TRAP appears:
“If you have received a bonus in your account you are required to execute a minimum trading volume of 40 times for every €/$1 bonus in order to withdraw your funds.”

Without the „Trading Consultant“ you never will succeed to reach this goal (!) because already
on half-way or less the „trading capital“ will come to zero and you cannot continue trading!
Then latest you realize: YOUR MONEY IS LOST!

The first „Trading-Consultant“ executed a few successful tradings with me within a limited time of abt. 5 minutes only, mentioning that his time is very precious having other big business going on. He said: „Only if you will pay to Zoomtrader bigger funds I will do with you the „real big business“ where every party can earn. I must earn money for my career. Otherwise I will stop trading with you“. He did it.

Then another „Consultant“ in Zoomtrader called me. He made 1 trade with me and thereafter he started the same game with me: asking for more „capital“ money to pay for the „real big business“ because he, too, has to earn money. Otherwise he would stop trading with me. He did it and said that he will return the trading with me to the first Consultant. To both of them I confirmed many times that I do not have more money to pay to Zoomtrader.

Bitcoin Code and their Broker Zoomtrader (same software!) are promising in their Websites that one will earn money by signing in and investing some money as trading capital.
The relationship between Zoomtrader and their „Consultants, dealing with the client, is unknown
and of no concern to the client, naturally.

Without assistance by the Zomtrader Consultant, trading alone as beginner you have no chance ever to reach the 40 times trading volume because even not yet on half way your „working capital „
will be gone and nothing left to continue trading!

For example:
If you paid 3.000$ to Zoomtrader they will add 3.000$ as Bonus. Your trading capital then will be
6.000$. The „Consultant“ uses max. 10% per day = 600$. 5 times per week are 3.000$, per month
12.000$. It would take 10 months to reach the requested Bonus transactions of 120.000$ .

Time enough for the „Consultant“ to request again and again from you more money for the „real
big business“ otherwise he will stop to work with you,
By their adding a FRAUDULOUS Bonus behind each payment the CHEATING will continue.

Bitcoincode and the Consultants of Zoomtrader are promising in their websites: „Your money is safe with us and you always can claim it back“. This is a BIG LIE!

In paragraph 43. of the Terms and Conditions, for withdrawal a „Form“ must be filled out.
In the lower half, however, is marked: *Funds for withdrawal are subject to the Bonus Terms&Conditions“. TRAP again!


Do not invest any money with this company they are a a
Scam you will only loose your money i put £500 into there account did not invest in any currentcy when i got no help from them i wanted to with draw my funds i cannot get them to put it back in my account .do not invest in them

ZoomTrader Demo Account 2020

Website Preview

This regulated broker, due to CySEC’s decision, no longer provides binary options bonuses!

ZoomTrader is an international broker that also accepts Australian customers. It has a versatile software platform that makes it easy for newcomers to learn to trade. New traders can also use a lot of options they offer when it comes to learning basics of technical and fundamental analysis along with a daily market review. Some beginners are not always comfortable trading real funds so ZoomTrader decided to offer demo account for practice and learning experience.

ZoomTrader offers demo accounts for all registered customers that have deposited funds. The client can ask the account manager for a demo account. This way the trader can use “virtual” funds to trade virtually, essentially getting an opportunity to try the software, test strategies and their proves in the technical analysis. To get this option, don’t forget to request it from the account manager.

Check out our ZoomTrader tips when using the virtual or real account, to get a better grips of the trading platform. Great news with the ZoomTrader is that the demo account can be valid for a long time, with no limit. The account manager will inform new users on how much virtual currency they can get.

Users can choose from five account types and a wide selection of banking services to deposit. Then the trading session is easy to start. Clients start the browser-based software, choose software layout and the trading modus they prefer. Then is the matter of choosing between more than 20 asset options as the underlying asset in binary options trade. Not all users understand the rules that govern individual investment classes, and that is the main reason why a wide selection is beneficial to clients.

ZoomTrader demo account lets users test the platform upon depositing, that is a great option for all the users, especially for newcomers.

Tradologic Solutions Limited – ZoomTrader

ZoomTrader is one of the most popular binary options platforms on the Internet today. It is not a wonder since they have been known for providing a broad-based service and support to traders for years now. ZoomTrader utilizes Tradologic platform for their trading software, so it is no wonder they also use Tradologic Solutions Ltd as their payment processor company. Tradologic is at its core a good platform even if there was some unethical conduct by their owners in the past, but this was not reflected on the software part and the trading experience. They have recovered from this since and continue to offer one of the most user-friendly binary options trading platforms. Tradologic Solutions Limited is the company behind the brand.

ZoomTrader company is located in the Seychelles, but Tradologic Solutions Limited is based on Cyprus, while the Tradologic Limited – the software developer is registered in Bulgaria. ZoomTrader also recently got their CySEC license showing that they are a regulated broker. Tradologic Solutions Limited platform is actually regulated according to guidelines by various regulators – CySEC, FCA, FSA, and others. Tradologic Solutions Limited makes sure that ZoomTrader has efficient and fast trading platform that provides good trading support.

Tradologic Solutions Limited themselves support several other big names in binary options, so it is safe to say they are one of the most popular binary options trading providers on the planet. ZoomTrader, being one of the most popular brokerage firms surely has the power to push Tradologic to a new level as they require top notch service from them. ZoomTrader operates with this provider because it is a good way to ensure constant and stable trading environment. ZoomTrader, being CySEC regulated as of January 29, 2020 is one of the most sought for platforms in binary options.

Tradologic Solutions Limited (Tradologic Limited)

Address: 95 Arch Makarios Avenue Charitini Building Nicosia Nicosia 1071 Cyprus

ZoomTrader Legit

ZoomTrader lets users enter the binary options world by offering them good trading software, an enormous list of assets and a wide array of accounts that are adjusted to individual needs. Fair binary options feature ZoomTrader on its broker list. For more details about this broker, please read the ZoomTrader review.

For beginners, ZoomTrader offers simpler accounts but it takes care that newcomers get the most info they need by supplying them with a free e-book on the platform and trading in general. More advanced traders are offered a choice of even better-equipped account options which include more advice, access to webinars and a personal trading adviser. Each account offers a bonus as well.

Fair Binary Options didn’t receive any complaints regarding ZoomTrader since it was included on the brokers list. As always, in case of a problem, users are encouraged to report any difficulties to ZoomTrader’s multilingual and always responsive customer support. In order to get more support via Fair Binary Option, users are encouraged to sign in by clicking “Trade now” buttons on the bottom of the review or “Sign up” buttons next to the broker on the list.

This way, in case of any complaints, users are welcome to contact Fair Binary Options. Users cannot expect help from Fair Binary Options unless they registered via this website. Our review can be the starting point in evaluating if the broker is right for the trader. Binary Options Academy, as well as the news section, are at client’s disposal as well.

It is important for all traders to be clear about all the information regarding the broker, so there are no misguided expectations. ZoomTrader provides such information on their website. Clients can use the FAQ and other resources to find out more detailed information on trading, banking possibilities and the asset list which are as noted impressive.

ZoomTrader bonuses are generous, but users are expected to hit a certain turnover before they can withdraw. This is usual since some users could register just to get the bonus and then withdraw all the funds without trading. Banking can be done via wire, credit card, and a big list of online payment services such as Allcharge, TrustPay and WebMoney.

ZoomTrader software platform is really versatile even though it is run from the browser. We advise traders to hit the green “Trade” button on the upper left to get a first feel of the platform and to see if it runs smoothly on their PC. After entering the platform, traders will see that not only normal binary options trading is available, but also turbo, touch, one touch and range trading modes are available.

ZoomTrader Scam

Since on the market, ZoomTrader is daily proving that it is a great choice for those who intend to make high profits within a relatively short period of time. Offering a wide range of features capable of making trader’s life easier, the company has an amazing trading platform that provides a great trading environment for those who see binary options as an excellent opportunity to grow financially. For more detailed information, we strongly suggest to click here and read our full review of ZoomTrader.

For beginners, it is extremely advisable that traders in the field of the binary options trading market take some quality time to really go through some educational reading, tutorials, and videos. This way, they will be able to comprehend and dive into what binary options are and how to select a legit broker to start trading.

Besides, it seems to be very common that traders write reviews of some binary options brokers regarding their bad experiences with such brokers that promise the world with a minimum effort, but at the end, they are just a huge scam. So, traders get frustrated and disappointed and believe all binary options brokers on the market will just act the same way, although that is not true.

The trading platform provided by ZoomTrader is the amazing Tradologic, full of excellent tools not normally included in other platforms we see available on the market. With ZoomTrader, traders can trade several kinds of assets, besides choosing between High/Low, One touch, and Boundary. Answers to questions related to the platform can be obtained through live chat, phone or email.

ZoomTrader Withdrawals

There are multiple ways to deposit and withdraw the funds, coupled with five kinds of accounts. What is interesting for ZoomTrader is that it also does business with US customers.

Account types are: Mini (deposit: $200 – $499); Bronze (deposit: $500 – $999); Silver (deposit: $1000 – $2499); Gold (deposits from $2500 to $5000) and Platinum (deposits above $5000). Gold and Platinum accounts offer faster withdrawals since there is probability that bigger traders will need more flexibility in their funds management. Users who decide to use bonuses that are offered should know that different rules for withdrawals can apply since broker must guarantee that users will not leave without trading after they get the bonus.

Withdrawals can be made to the credit card, not less than initially deposited or wired to the bank account. Wire transfers can be subject to identity verification so the funds are securely transferred to the person who they belong to. Withdrawal process takes maximum five steps:

1) Log in and click the “Cashier” button

2) Click on the “Withdraw” tab in the lower section and enter the amount

3) Click “Withdrawal” button

4) For credit card, if that is the account initial deposits was transferred from, and “Confirm” the amount entered

5) For money transfer, if it’s a new account which is not registered, fill the details for the account where you want the payment sent.

Minimum amount that can be requested for withdrawal is 200 in all currencies (USD, GBP, EUR). And the weekly limit is 5000, in all currencies as well. ZoomTrader provides its traders with quality training and support, thereby investing both financial and human resources in every customer. This is why traders are able to withdraw the amount of their initial deposit only after a period of 15 days from the date of the deposit. Withdrawal deadline is 5 days after the request, leaving room for cancelation if needed.

Withdrawals with ZoomTrader are secure and by using a lot of banking possibilities they ensure different options for transfers, depending on the customers preference. By enabling s simple process for withdrawing funds, ZoomTrader gives its customers the flexibility they need. If there are any questions, their customer support will be fast to react guaranteeing maximum customer satisfaction.

Zoom Trader

ZoomTrader is a well-established and safe investment company. The straightforward broker offers a host of good investment ideas, including unique ideas for short term and long term investments. ZoomTrader charge no commission or fees to trade and it is evident the company are one of the best investment companies around.

ZoomTraders uses Unique Binary Software

ZoomTrader`s utilizes a unique online trading engine known as Tradologic. The innovative platform is crammed with numerous useful trading tools and features and the platform is ideal for traders interested in oil investment. This trading platform allows ZoomTrader to be one of the top investment companies, a safe investment company that enables traders to make excellent profits. The website and the trading platform are well-organized and user-friendly. The three viewing modes include single, classic and multiple, but the platform can be customized to suit. This allows traders to work efficiently and comfortably.

Asset Variety with ZoomTrader

Various assets can be traded on ZoomTrader, in fact, traders can choose from eighty tradable assets, including oil investment. The assets are put into different categories including double touch options, also known as range options or touch up/down options, turbo options, one touch options and classic high/low binary options. ZoomTrader also offers indices and stocks for trading, currencies and other commodities. In short, the brokers cover the four major financial markets.

ZoomTrader`s Superb Customer Support Service

A free e-book is sent to every trader, however, traders with queries, or those who need assistance can access the 24/7 award-winning live customer support service. Traders can make contact via live chat, online order form, email or telephone. Withdrawals are processed within five working days, allowing the trader to cancel if needed.

ZoomTrader Bonuses and Promotions

ZoomTrader is regarded as one of the best investment companies, and it is known to offer generous investment promotion offers and bonuses. New clients are often given an investment promotion in addition to other worthwhile welcome bonuses. Users are awarded bonuses according to their trading levels and type of trading account, for example, traders are expected to conduct a set amount of trades to earn the bonuses. Percentage bonus ranges from ten to 100 percent. Current traders can earn more rewards by introducing friends to ZoomTrader, a safe investment company with good investment ideas, so it`s good to know you can earn money by referring friends and acquaintances.

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